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"Glad to be back in LA"❤ 437,937 | 💬 184,538

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"Glad to be back in LA"
437,937 | 💬 184,538

@JessRose ■ its by now time

@SelenaGomez ■ not selfies while driving

@NeelsFanpage ■ I LOVE YOU!!!!

@JessRose ■ i like the sky

@JustinBieber ■ i like you rose

@NeelsVisser ■ can you not mostly in my page @JustinBieber

@DalePieTwins ■ HOT STUFF

@MadisonBeer ■ mine. Love you daddy

@JessRose ■ i feel disgusted^

@MadisonBeer ■ you are disgusting

@NeelsVisser ■ back off @MadisonBeer

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