Chapter one

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Gabriel's POV
"Behave"Dean my coworker warned me. I laughed. "When have I not behaved?"I asked. He looked liked he was about to make a list. I stopped him. "Ok. I get it. I do it a lot. But I will for the sake of your brother. "I smiled. He raised an eyebrow. "Yeah. Your brother is doomed "I laughed. He rolled his eyes.

"So what does this other Winchester look like?"I asked. We were at the airport. Picking up Dean's younger brother. Apparently this younger bro wanted to visit Dean and see how he was doing. "Freakishly tall. Long hair. "He said. I nodded.

"Ok. "I whispered. After waiting a while I got bored. "Are you sure it was today?"I asked. "Jesus Christ yes. I know it is. "He said. I put my hands up in defence. "Is it that time of the month?"I asked. Trying to have a serious face. "I hate you"he whispered. I smiled. "Love you to"I laughed.

"Fucker"he whispered. I rolled my eyes. "Ok. So on a scale of one to ten. How hot is he?"I asked. He gave me a look. "Ok. Not gonna get a answer"I said. He nodded.

I waited a bit. "But is he like....ok no"I finished because he gave me the look again. We finally sat down and waited longer. "I can't stand this. I'm getting a candy bar"I got up and walked to find a vending machine. I payed and looked what I wanted.

"Touch decision?"a voice asked. I looked up. To see a chest. I looked higher. "Jesus Christ is with me"I whispered. He smiled. "Um.."he looked to the vending machine. "Can you hurry. I need to find someone?"he asked. I nodded.

For a tall person he was kinda a shy person. I got my candy bar and moved out of the way. "So you meeting a girlfriend or something ?"I asked. He smirked. "No. I'm single. "He grabbed his snack. I silently thanked god.

"See ya around tall guy"I walked off. Once I finally saw dean I sat down. "The dude still isn't here?"I asked. He shook his head. "I texted him. "He said. I shook my head. "You should have a tracker on the guy"I groaned. He laughed.

"It shouldn't be this hard. He's a tall guy"he said. I nodded. "Screw tall people. "I whispered. He laughed. "Calm down shorty"he patted my back.

Then we waited longer. "Jesus how long does it take. It's a small airport. "I groaned. "Gabe. "Dean looked at me. I nodded. "Shut up"he groaned. I laughed.

Finally dean got a phone call from I'm guessing his brother. "No. No. Jesus Sammy. Why are you waiting there. Are you serious?"he asked.

"Ok. Stay there. Don't move. Me and my friend are coming"he hung up. "Idiot "he whispered. We got up and I followed Dean. When he stopped he stared looking around. "Sammy"he waved his arms. Then I saw that tall guy again. Oh Jesus.

"Heya Sammy"dean said when Sam was right in front of us. He looked at me. "Oh. This is Gabe. Gabe this is Sammy. My brother"Dean smiled. I held out a hand. "Nice to meet you"I said. He nodded and shook my hand.

"Let's go. I'm tired "Dean started walking. We followed. Once we got to the impala I let Sam in the front. "So, Gabriel has generously given you his room while you are staying. "Dean said. Sam nodded. "More like dean threatened my life time candy bag. So it's was either be comfortable or live without the candy I spent a lot of money on. "I said.

Sam laughed. "You know I can sleep on the couch"Sam said. "No. Our couch is small. You are a moose "I said. "I am not"he said. I nodded. "Have you seen how tall you are? Jesus"I said.

Dean shook his head. Once we finally got to the apartment I showed Sam to my room and he unpacked. And thanked me. I grabbed my favourite pillow and grabbed a blanket from the closest. And said goodnight.

I walked down the hall way and set up the couch. Surprisingly it was very comfortable. Not bed comfortable. But comfortable enough to be ok for how ever long Sam is staying. And I'm not complaining. After almost falling asleep I heard whimpers and small cries coming from my room. I slowly walked towards it. And opened the door.

I saw Sam twisting and turning. Like he was having a nightmare. Jeez. And I thought I got them bad. I slowly closed the door and walked back to the living room.

Then I was awaken in the middle of the night to a scream. I heard footsteps running down the hall and a door opened. I fell off the couch and ran to my room. I saw dean. Comforting Sam. I let out a sigh. He mouthed an apology. I shook my head. I walked to the kitchen and got some water and brought it back. But I saw Dean gone and Sam calmed down. I smiled.

I set the water on the dresser and just looked at Sammy. I chuckled. Which I thought was weird. The guy just had a nightmare and I'm laughing. Jesus what is wrong with me. Apparently a lot of things.

I walk out of the room and go back to the living room. I get comfortable. And fall back to sleep very easily. Dreaming of nothing and no one. Which I guess is good. Normal. But I don't know.

The next morning I wake up to see Sam on the other couch. Sleeping soundly. I smiled and put the blanket over him. And went to start breakfast before me and dean leave for work.

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