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Shoving Jeremy away with as much force as I can muster I stumble a bit.

"What was that for?" I practically shout then wipe my mouth.

"A happy graduation kiss?" He says, having the decency to look slightly embarrassed.

"You cant just kiss someone Jeremy!" I'm shouting now. "Isaiah and I have been together for three years so why would you suddenly do that?"

He scoffs. "Meghan, everyone knows you and Isaiah are just a high school thing. He's staying here in New York and going to NYU and you're going to Harvard. Sure, they're close but with the two of you pursuing demanding careers on different campuses it's not going to work. You know I've always liked you and I'm going to Harvard, we could give us a go?"

I stare at him trying to process everything he's saying. He's officially lost it.

Jeremy breaks the silence. "Where is Isaiah anyway? He usually meets you here. Anyway, I'm sorry for upsetting you Meghan but think about what I said. I'll see you this fall." He looks like he's about to hug me but thinks better of it and walks away.

I'm still thinking about all that's happened in the past five minutes when I realize Isaiah is ten minutes late to meet me at the front of the school like he usually does. Bending down I grab my bag and head inside the school to find Isaiah, who probably got caught up talking to a teacher.

Walking down the hall I try not to think about Isaiah's reaction when I tell him Jeremy kissed me. I know he's going to be completely livid but hopefully he'll get over it with out killing anyone. Even though I try to ignore Jeremy's bash at Isaiah and I's relationship, I can't help but feel hurt. Even though I know it's not true it still stings. It doesn't help that my parents use every opportunity to down play our relationship. They say it's because we're not really in love but in reality it's because they don't approve of his status. In other words he's not rich so he doesn't deserve a second glance. They wouldn't know the first thing about love even if Cupid shot them in the ass. They married for status. No other reason. Dad's a lawyer, Mom's a plastic surgeon, and as long as I go to Harvard they don't care what happens to me. Which is why I'm not looking forward to telling them I've decided to move in with Isaiah and pursue a culinary career at NYU.

When I get to Isaiah's locker and still don't see him I let out a frustrated groan and get my phone out, but before I can call him I hear clatter coming from the room a few lockers away. I walk into the nearest class room where I see Isaiah but his back is facing me and tan legs are wrapped tightly around his waist. Perfectly manicured red nails are wrapped in his dark hair. I stand there unable to make a sound and it's like time has stopped. A deep moan comes from Isaiah and I feel my heart shatter. Taking the necklace he gave me over a year ago from around my neck; I throw it at him across the room. The clattering sound it makes a few feet away from him causes him to stop kissing the girl and set her down. The girl, who I don't recognize, looks at Isaiah for a second before walking out of the room not even sparing me a glance. Isaiah still hasn't looked at me, and after what feels like an eternity of silently begging him to turn around and tell me that what I just saw was a mistake and that he loves me, I turn around and leave. I start off just walking but by the time I make it to the parking lot I'm practically sprinting toward my car.

Twenty minutes later I'm pulling into my best friend, Mia's, driveway. I know I can't go home right now, all I'd receive from my parents is an 'I told you so', and right now that is not what I need. Mia's been my best friend for four years and like my relationship with Isaiah my parents don't approve. Just because my family lives in some giant house with too many rooms to keep clean on our own and her family of eight lives crammed together in a tiny house doesn't mean we're any better than them like my parents believe. In fact, Mia's family is by far one of the nicest families I've ever met. They don't care about money or status, as long as their family is happy. They're the only true family I have. While the lump in my throat begins to grow I knock on the door. A few seconds later its opened by Mia's older brother Jonathan.

"Hey Meghan," He says "Why you here? Mia said you and Isaiah were going to look at the house Cameron bought. Man, the perks of having a rich best friend. He buys you a house for graduation. Although I- Whoa Meghan what's wrong?" He asks noticing the tears streaking my face, and pulls me into a hug and places a brotherly kiss on my hair line.

I just collapse into his arms crying harder.

"Oh shi-Mia!" He yells.

"What's wrong?" Autumn, Jonathan's fiancé, asks him walking toward us.

"I don't know." He responds "I was talking and she just started sobbing. Mia!!!!"

"What?" I hear her ask walking down the stairs. "Wha-Meghan? Hey what happened?''

I can't find my voice, I open my mouth but the only sound that comes out is a sob.

"Come here." She says pulling me out of her brothers arms and into hers.

We sink to the floor and I rest my head on Mia's shoulder. I don't know how long we sit there, me crying and Mia rubbing my back. After what feels like hours my sobs die down, my face is soaked in tears and my head is pounding. I take deep stuttered breaths in hopes of calming my breathing and eventually I fall asleep.


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So uh... Yeah. Don't really know what to say....
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