~Breeze (Julia)~

                “So,” I said as I followed Raven down the hall. I hated that we had left Helena with Emma. There was no choice though, I knew better than to go against these people. That must be the reason why Sean was at my apartment to watch and protect me. Sean…I wonder if he was okay. He always was a mess on his own.

                “So?” Raven asked.

                “Sorry lost my train of thought thinking,” I said. “Um…I believe I was going to ask where we are going.”

                “To see how good you are at combat,” was Raven’s answer.

                I smiled to myself. “I take it you are very good at it.”

                “Yes which is why I will be training you. Now no more questions.”

                “Why not?”

                “Because they annoy me.”

                I sighed, but listened to what she said and followed her down the hall. She led me to a large gym. It had that soft padded walls, floor, and ceiling. There were weights and gymnastic things in there. Over all it looked like a pretty decked out work out area.

                “Okay we are going to start with a warm up,” Raven said. “I want you to do five laps around the gym and then we will do some stretching.”

                I put my hands on my hips. “Why do I have to do what you say? For all I know you are training me to use me for destruction and killing people.”

                “I am not completely sure what is planned for you,” Raven said. “I think part of it is we are seeing how powerful you really are, how much you can do, how much you can take. You will do what I say because your sister’s life depends on it. If you don’t do right she is punished. If she doesn’t do right you are punished.”

                My stomach tightened. I was not going to find a friend in Raven like I hoped. She wasn’t going to be the one to help like I wanted. As it would now turn out Helena and I were on our own.

                After giving Raven a long glare I started my laps. She did a few of her own things like hang upside down from a pole. After I was done we did some stretches together. She was back to her normal, I’m really sweet self, but now I wasn’t buying it.

                “Now,” she said as we stood facing each other, “defend yourself.”

                She came at me as soon as the last syllable left her mouth. I jumped back. Her foot swung, coming less than an inch from my face. She then swung at me, but I blocked with the back of my hand. I then counter attacked and swung at her, but she disappeared.

                Looking down I saw her on the ground in the splits position. Her frown leg was between mine. I saw the problem. Just as she went to swing her leg around, which would have tripped me, I jumped. Raven was now on her stomach, her frown arms holding her up and her legs stretched out behind her. She smiled at me, and then in one fluid motion got to her feet.

                We continued fighting. She would attack, I would block, and then I would swing and she would block. I lost track of the time, but I was now covered in sweat. My muscles burned and my legs were getting heavy, yet I still refused to stop. I was not about to show weakness in front of these people. I needed to stay strong.

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