Chapter 25: The Bogel✔️

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I am smiling from ear to ear as Nyna joins me on my balcony for the morning meal.

"I see you are in high spirits this morning." She says, her mouth setting into an even deeper smirk than normal. "Has it to do with your achievements of last night?" She asks, prying into my life for once.

I only shake my head, frowning at the reminder. "Am I in trouble?" I ask cautiously.

"Of course not, it is within your rights to defend what is yours, Imp, no matter of what or who you are, that is our law." She flips her hair to the side as a little red headed girl runs straight for her, clamping onto her leg before I get a chance to say anything more on the subject.

"Ameria, you should be with your nanny." Nyna's voice is stern, but sweet as she picks up her little girl.

"But, mummy. What if you have the baby while I am with aunt Leena. Then I won't get to spend time with you anymore." She pouts.

"I won't be having the baby for a long while, my love. Now how did you get away from Leena?" She begins to question her daughter, pointing her finger in distaste at the way she snuck off.

"I am practicing to be like daddy and uncle Dagon!" She says proudly and I can only assume she means to be an assassin.

"My sweet, you are not old enough for training quite yet. Do you think you could practice by sneaking back to Leena? You know you will be in trouble if she finds you missing now don't you?"

Ameria looks to the ground before nodding and rushing off, sneaking by people and into a side passageway that I can assume goes back to her Nanny.

Nyna sighs, obviously tuckered out. She must be taxed with her little girl and this impending threat, her body is in a delicate state right now and I can feel the guilt eating at me.

"She's beautiful." I say, trying to lighten the mood.

"She's just like her father and uncle. She spends way too much time with them. She was never so high strung when I was looking after her." She says only to look over at me and sighing. "Not that you have anything to do with it. I assure you."

"It's fine." I say as we head towards the training grounds, Nel is not in the mood to teach today, and I do not blame her. She is probably celebrating with her new mate.

"I won't be able to keep you company today, for I do not have the skill set that you will be receiving today, although I hear you are quite good already." She says as I notice Rhovan in the distance and realize that it is finally time for my real training now that I have at least gained the respect of one Arradien.

"Well, I suppose I will see you later then." I say as I head towards my mate, a smile swallowing me in radiance as I near him.

He is directing a pair of men in the art of swords, telling one to watch his footwork, sweat clinging to his form as he pulls his hair back.

He does not acknowledge my presence until their session has ended a few minutes later, giving them his full attention until he has the time to direct me.

"Did ya sleep well, Imp?" He asks, a coquettish smile upon his lips.

"Oh I did, I awoke even better." I smile back, my eyes glimmering in wonder as he takes me into his arms.

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