Chapter Four - Zaira's POV (Revised and edited)

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Why Boys Are Idiots

Chapter Four (Zaira’s POV)

          “Ew, ew, ew!” I shrieked to no one in particular over and over again.

          My whole face scrunched up in disgust as I threw away another damp piece of vomit-covered tissue into the toilet.

          To make matter worse, the hundred or so grams of sugar in my coke was just getting into my system, making me overreact even more than usual. My poor, poor purple high-tops were covered in that yucky yellow liquid, and my stomach just couldn’t stop churning.

          Throwing away yet another piece of toilet paper, my Nikes finally began to look somewhat presentable and I stepped out of the foul-smelling bathroom stall, only to find Addie near the sink, acting the same way I did just a second before.

          “Ugh!” She wrinkled her nose as she scrubbed her hand with a little too much force.

          “What was Jimmy doing here anyways?” I wondered out loud, realizing that it was already over six o’clock. Thankfully, everyone was still in the movies so they didn’t have to witness us two teenage girls spazzing and shouting random words.

          “I don’t know, and honestly, I don’t want to know.” She shook her head furiously and dried off her now red hand.

          Shrugging, I held out some paper for her contaminated hand and leaned back on the sink, waiting for her to finish.  

          Jimmy, also known as Nerdy-Jimmy, was about the most disgusting guy in our whole school. Wait no, scratch that. He was the grossest guy in the whole world. One time, I caught him wiping his booger on my friend Samantha’s desk, then picking it up and eating it.

          I shuddered at the memory and poked Addie in the shoulder to get her attention, since she was too busy muttering about how immature Jimmy was. “Where’s Sammy? I thought she was coming too,” I asked, thinking back to how our blonde friend loved The Hunger Games.

          She cocked her head to the side like she always does when thinking. “I think she said something about having to baby-sit her little cousin.”

          A loud laugh escaped my mouth, but hey, I couldn’t help it. “She must be having so much fun.”

          Her cousin Benny was about the most perverted six year-old you could ever find. I mean, who was the one who first showed him those PG-thirteen movies in the first place?

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