Chapter 24: Worthy✔️

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All is quiet.

Not a single person makes a sound as Petra walks, silent and sultry, her eyes focused on Nel, her father beside her.

As the distance closes, I watch as Nel drinks a potion, her eyes clearing, her body as sober as it has ever been, no odd movements of the head, just her.

When there is no more space left between them, Morrigan speaks and I get the idea that this is how their normal Blood ceremony's are like, that my own did not match up to their usual standards.

"Petra Highryder, I give you, my only daughter, into the care of Fonela Vultrel of my own free will. I hope that the Gods' praise be with you."

Fonela slices her own hands, as Morrigan slices Petra, placing her hand in Nel's steady grip.

"I, Petra Highryder, promise to cherish you, to protect you, to be everything you need for as long as I may live."

Nel turns their hands, hers laying atop now. "And I, Fonela Vultrel, daughter of Gaweth the great, promise to be only yours, never to stray beyond our bonds and to protect you for as long as you shall live."

Now would be the time for Morigan to bless this union by the Gods, but instead he pours the cleansing waters, bright and cerulean over their joined hands and then steps to the side as Vanya walks forward, holding a needle and a ring.

I watch, my heart aching as she camps her daughters nose, careful of the position, as a glowing orb is positioned nearby, giving her the light she needs to proceed with the needle, quick and with ease, she pierces the thin skin, guiding the delicate silver ring into her daughter's septum, Petra calm as Nel watches on with delight.

And Morrigan again leans forwards holding his mates hand as they both say. "We bless this union, as do the Gods."

I do not wait to see the kiss, to watch them celebrate as friends and family congratulate them.

I slowly slink away, hiding my small form through the crowd, avoiding any attention that may ruin this evening for the happy couple.

I feel tarnished, like someone that has no worth. My own mate not giving me the ceremony that was meant for me, but I have to calm myself, I have to find strength in the knowledge that we were complete strangers, that ours was a special case and that he is not ready for that step.

I can feel his distress as he is left behind, unable to leave, not wanting to create a speculation, but I ignore it, quickly running towards our home, following the path as quickly as I can, bumping into someone, not paying attention.

"Sorry, I wasn't-"

"You should be, pesky, Imp." Sorsasta's eyes are now looking upon me, glaring.

I try to walk around her, but she blocks the way.

"Are you upset? Do you finally realize that you will never be given the same rights as our own people have?"

My magyk awakens at this threat, flowing straight to my fingertips, aching and needing me to weave them through the air, to release it the way it has so wanted. I clamp it down, fisting my hands to my sides, not wanting to disappoint my mate, seemingly the only person that cares about my well being, my happiness. I cannot let a jealous ex lover get the better of me, so I attempt to walk away, only to be blocked yet again.

I can feel my mate getting closer, his presence always in my mind, so I try my best not to let my anger get the best of me. I do not want to be saved like a damsel in distress, so I shoulder her to the side, continuing along the path.

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