Aye baby

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There in the car singing I'm falling(MB)
All:where you come from ,aye baby you snuck up behind me

Lyssa: hands were meant to be held

Miah:lips were meant for sweet kisses

Tati: hearts were meant to feel love

Us:I falling in love and an I can't get up no I've falling down....in love AND I DONT CARE WHO KNOWS ABOUT IT THE CAN GO TELL EVERYBODY HOW I.....I FOUND LOVE

keshia:hi,I'm keshia mindless behavior's manager  I heard y'all singing and yall SOUNDED GREAT

Us: thanks ,we get that alot

Keshia:well i wanna know do y'all wanna sing at the concert tonight
(Handing tickets )


lyssa:wow!I get to see ROC freaking Royal

(All laughing)

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