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Weeks Later

Bambam chuckled, laying down on the white, fluffy— cloud like comforters that the hotel provided as he looked down at the permission form that his brother had sighed, weeks ago, how he promised that it would reach the hands of his teacher and he would for sure be promised a spot on the school trip.

It didn't, no, there's no fun to that— that's what Bambam thought and he was right. Going on a trip with kids that he didn't really like and some of his friends to go to some museums vs going on a trip with Jackson where they can basically do whatever the hell they wanted— it was like comparing the clothes from Gucci and Walmart— except the gucci was free (keep in mind Bambam, you can't use that as your example if Jaebum finds out).

"And what excuse did you use exactly?" Bambam asked Jackson who was right beside him on the bed, holding the naked Bambam close to his body, caressing his waist delicately. Since them being out of the house for travelling is definitely— odd, suspicious. "You told him you were going to Thailand and if I said I decided to visit my parents in Hong Kong, he has no reason to complain" besides, Jackson left way before Bambam did.

Yes, they're in the beautiful city of Hong Kong while Jaebum think's that Bambam is on some emotional trip with his classmates to Thailand. (emotional being because Bambam was born in Thailand but has no idea of who his parents are). Jackson gently pecked Bambam's lips. "You're probably tired baby, get some rest" he told him, combing through his hair since they had their 'fun' not too long ago.

Bambam managed to nod his head, sighing softly as he laid his head back down on the comfortable pillow underneath him, feeling his head sink in— from being tired from their activities and from it just being late at night, Bambam managed to fall asleep peacefully, on top of Jackson's chest.


Bambam's eyes slowly opened when feelings the sun against his face making for him to groan softly, shaking his head a little as he yawned before sitting up on the bed causing for the comforter to fall off his body but still covering his lower half— he glanced around for Jackson then glanced over at the sliding door that led to the balcony to see Jackson was there, leaning against the railing and drinking something that looked a reddish colour— it was too early for alcohol so he assumed some sort of non-alcoholic drink.

He pulled the blanket over himself and around his body so it covered him perfectly, he got off from the bed then went over to the sliding door though he froze when seeing another male there that had light blonde hair— taller than Jackson but not as muscular, when he turned around— he put the face to the name from what he had remembered, he was Mark and he met him at the time Jackson and him were at the club.

When both of their eyes landed on Bambam— he had to admit he felt pretty flustered since both were incredibly handsome (imagine having two of your favourite celebrities, starring you down) it felt overwhelming and suddenly Bambam felt the need to be anxious, watching as they both looked back at each other and exchanged a few words before Jackson opened the door, coming inside and Mark following him in.

"Sorry, I forgot to mention it before but I planned on meeting with Mark here since he does travel quite often so I managed to meet him here" Jackson explained and Bambam nodded his head, watching him put the nearly empty glass down on the table.

"Ah, don't worry about it..you guys can spend time together, I'm pretty hu—" he began to say, gesturing to the door until shivering when feeling some of the blanket pulled down, revealing most of his upper body, feeling delicate fingers on the side of his body— which did not belong to Jackson.

"Well that was pretty quick Mark, I told you to be careful and not be so forward" Jackson said calmly as he went in front of Bambam, holding onto his hands, pulling him closer then pecking his lips gently. "Don't feel so nervous, baby.." Jackson chuckled as he gently held onto the blanket though didn't move.

"Me and Mark..wanted to have...fun with you" He said simply since something too direct may cause for Bambam to feel overwhelmed but he knew he understand the gist of what he was saying— which was clear in his eyes-widening-jaw-dropping expression. What Bambam basically processed 'these older, hotter— cross that out, fucking— guys that reached the highest beauty in my opinion' wanted a threesome? Was he taking this correctly?

"Say that um— more clear for me please?" Bambam asked nervously, hearing Mark chuckle from behind as he gripped onto the blanket, only seconds away from it being tugged off from Bambam's frail body—his legs wouldn't even move anymore and he was practically glued to the spot just because of the presence of those two was just so— again, overwhelming.

"You know what we're asking for— a threesome, completely harmless" Mark said as he gently pushed Bambam down on the bed, the blanket still somewhat wrapped around him. Now, just think back for a second, the first encounter Bambam's had with Mark— was an angry one.

Not so much anger towards him but to Jackson— practically seconds away from calling Jaebum but now he was here, seeming like a different person that had no idea who Bambam was related to, but for Bambam— well, that just made it easier, he didn't need for the mention of his brother right now nor a scolding since the answer was, yes, he wanted to have his fun with them.

He smiled a little, a small nod and Mark took that as his right to continue, before the small boy could even process it, Mark crashed his lips against Bambam's for a not so subtle kiss, while being too caught up in the kiss, Jackson came up behind him, slowly pulling the blanket off of him and revealing his naked body to Mark and to himself.

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