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"Could you please rub mommy stomach" I begged Raven as we laid down together in my bed

"Oil or no Oil" she held up the bottle one at a time

"Oil please" I laid back pulling my shirt up closing my eyes

"Mommy your belly is getting real big" She said rubbing the oil on my pregnant stomach

"I know chile"

Its been 4 months since the break up. I am 4 months pregnant going on 5. Me and Meek arent divorced but we are still not together. Found out Meek did miss his old ways. Of course the baby is his no doubt.

"When do we get to know the gender?" She asked sweetly rubbing my stomach with two hands.

"Next Monday" I answered then she automatically started smiling from ear to ear "What you think it is"

"A boy... you have 2 girls so I know its a boy" she sounded confident in her answer

I nooded feeling the baby move around. Raven gasped feeling all over my belly. "Ma thats so fye" she said all geeked

"Gurl" I playfully rolled my eyes.

My phone started ringing and I looked over seeing the name "Meek" I sighed. "Thats your dad answer for me" She nodded getting off the bed going to my phone on the dresser.

She answered quickly saying hello. "Okay im coming" she put my phone down "Daddy at the door" She said walking out as I placed my hand on my stomach

Hearing them greet eachother downstairs. I heard them coming up the stairs. He turned into my room with a blue jacket with a white shirt under it and white pants.

"Wassuh" He said coming by me kissing my forehead

"Hi" I said looking at him "Where you heading" I asked him

"Nowhere just came to see what my kids was doing" He said sitting on the bed rubbing my belly

"Daddy when do we get a weekend with you?" Raven asked

"Yall need to stay here and help yall moms" He said and I nodded

She nodded playing with her fingers. "Daddy your in my way I was currently rubbing my brother" She said moving him out the way

"ITS A BOY?!" he said while furrowing his eyebrows

"No! Well I dont know. She just saying that because she think" I said laughing and his face soften up

"Oh because I thought you let me miss the gender appointment. Its Monday right?"

"Yes at 8:35" I told him and he nodded

"I know. Ill be here on time" He looked in my eyes staring back at him I looked away closing my eyes "Raven get out real quick" he said then she got out of the bed walking out the room door.

"Wassuh talk to me" He said moving closer to me helping me sit up

"I just never exprienced a pregnancy without you being here everyday helping me" I spoke trying to hold back tears

"I know, I think about that shit too. Not being able to hold you knowing you carrying my seed hurts me" I felt him rub my stomach

"I cant have Raven up all night because the baby moving giving me back aches" the tears came down he leaned up wiping my tears.

He looked me in my eyes again staring a hole in my face. I blushed as he lifted my chin kissing me as i kissed back. Pulling away with his bottom lip, I let go pecking his lips.

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