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Pen Your Pride


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corbyn was getting himself together as he sat in his car outside of taylers house.

good luck corbyn youll need it

and with that text he was ready. he decided to play it out rather than plan.

he walked up to her house and knocked on it twice. a few seconds later the door opens and reveals tayler.

", corbyn? w-why are you-"

"I'm sorry tay." he interrupted her. "I'm sorry I never saw what we had or what we could've. and I'm also sorry I brought up that one thing that doesn't need to be mentioned" she cracked a small smile but it faded quickly.

"corbyn, I understand where youre coming from. but I just don't know."

"tayler I like you. okay? I said it. and ive liked you since valentines day. and I know you like me, zach told me, I just want to start over and fix what I messed up." he says taking her hand and placing it in his.

"come inside." tons of thoughts were going through taylers head. she still liked him,alot, but she doesn't want to rush into anything.

"tayler, I need to know if you even want to be friends. id understand if you wouldn't because I was a total dick. and I-"

"corbyn, stop. I like you, a lot , but I don't want to rush. can we just stick to friends. for now? then we'll see what we should do." corbyn smiled, he couldn't say anything. he looked at her. he wanted to kiss her, but he didn't know if she wanted it.

"weird question but, could I, um, i mean," she cut him off with the kiss. it was short and sweet. yet powerful.

"kiss me? yeah."

the rest of the day they sat back and relaxed. they talked about the boys new music coming out soon, about graduation and taylers upcoming birthday. at that moment everything was perfect.

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