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"This week, we have a dancing and singing unit in partners. One partner has to sing, while the other, has to dance. I will be assigning who you'll be paired up with, but you and you're partner must to decide who is singing and who is dancing. If there are any questions, please raise your hand." the teacher barked.

Nobody raised their hand.

"Alright, let's start then. Kim Taehyung, with Jeon Jungkook... blah blah blah blah... Park Chanyeol, with Byun Baekhyun,... blah blah blah blah... And lastly, Moon Bin, with Cha Eunwoo."

Moonbin cursed under his breath,
Fuck, no! Why him?
while Eunwoo, smirked and thought,
Fuck, yeah! The teacher must be in a good mood.

"Everybody meet up with your partners and start planning and practicing, you have to whole week to do so, after that, you perform." Mr. Min ordered.

All the students did as they were told and moved closer to their assigned partners. Well, except for Moonbin. Eunwoo had to move closer to him because he didn't move an inch from where he was.

When they were finally close enough to each other, Eunwoo noticed that Moonbin was pouting. Cutely. And angrily.

"Why is this little bear angry?"

"This little fucking bear doesn't want to be with you."

"Well, that's too bad, little bear, your stuck with me."

"Whatever," Moonbin said, "I'm the one dancing, and you're the one singing."



The next few days, the two argued and fought like there's no tomorrow. But, even though they did do those two things, they unexpectedly practiced and performed better than most of the class.

Eunwoo's voice and Moonbin's dancing perfectly paired with each other and nobody was complaining about their performance.

After they had performed, Eunwoo asked,
"Hey, Binnie, why do you hate me so much?"

Moonbin got closer to Eunwoo and whispered, "Because I'm scared to fall in love with someone like you."

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