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"What happened to that Brad guy?" My mother asked me. She flipped the pancakes she was cooking in the skillet over.

"Brad...? Oh Brad." I thought. I almost forgot about him because he was that irrelevant.


"He was a nice boy, Cait. How come I don't see him around as much?" Mom asked me.

I shrugged. "We just don't talk anymore."

Translation; I blocked his number because he wouldn't stop texting and calling.

"It kind of was his fault. You sound like you're obsessing over him." I said with an amused tone.

"Well I mean, I was thinking that if you ever had a new boyfriend, Brad would be a way better option  over Dillon."

I almost spit out my milk.

"What do you mean? Brad is nothing compared to Dillon! Dillon is changing mom. He's different- and sweet to me and he cares." I huffed.

"Calm down missy I only said that because I knew it would get your panties in a twist. Now... You have explaining to do! How long have you and Dillon even been a thing?!" she sounded like a gossipy teenage girl.

"We're not exactly a thing..." I got up to put my dish in the sink.

"I see." she nodded.

"It's nothing." I shrugged as I walked upstairs.

"Seems like its more than that!" I heard my mother say and I ignored it the best I could.



I couldn't stop blushing in class today. Especially with all the cute smiles and stupid faces Dillon would make at me. It's like he turned into a whole different person from the beginning of the year. We use to hate each other and now we're siting in class silently flirting.

The teacher actually got onto him in class because I made a face at him that caused him to laugh, which caused the teach to snap at him.

I remember the whole conversation;

"Dillon, is this lesson on the Founding Fathers  funny to you?" The teacher asked.

"Oh um you see it kind of is." He said boldly.

"Oh." the teacher was taken aback. "And how so?" he put his hands on his hip in annoyance, ready to be wowed by Dillon's response.

"Well, the founding fathers were in that broadway musical, and there's some funny parts in that." He shrugged.

"I'll let you off the hook since you know what we're even talking about." the teacher sighed, sounding like he gave up on Dillons  idiocy.

Dillon just smirked and some of the girls drooled over his smartass-ness. I just rolled my eyes playfully.


"Cait! Someone is down here for you!" I heard my mom call. I knew it was Dillon. He told me his mother was cooking a dish for us and he would drop it off and also he just wanted to talk to me.

I spritz some perfume on my neck and walked downstairs, making sure I wouldn't trip, fall and break my neck in front of Dillon.

He smiled as he saw me and my face was probably the color of a tomato.

"Look at this, he brought us some lasagna. Your mother is a wonderful cook Dillon, I know this will be delicious." My mom put the dish on the table.

"You are also a wonderful cook too Ms. Hill." Dillon said, gushing.

Wait... but didn't he- I'll just drop it.

"What a suck up." I thought with a smirk.

Then my mother just stood there and watched​ us with a big smile on her face which made a very awkward silence.

"Well Dillon and I are going to go talk." I said walking to the door making sure he followed me.

"Alright have fun!" My mom said.

"You know I was lying and trying to piss you off the day I basically called your mother a bad cook? I devoured that goddamn chicken alfredo." Dillon said.

"I was hoping you were!" I giggled.

"Your laugh is adorable."

"Huh?" I was caught off guard but I acted like I didn't​ hear him. I hope he says it again.

"Tsk tsk. I see what game you're playing Caitlin. I love how innocent you act but I know you're not." He said.

"Hmm feels like I just got deja vu." I tilted my head as if I couldn't remember where I've heard that.

"I said your laugh is cute, you dweeb." he nudged me playfully.

"What? I'm sorry I couldn't hear you?" I cupped my ear and leaned up to his face closer.

"I said you're beautiful." he looked into my eyes. Then things got quiet. I leaned closer to him and he leaned in also. Our lips were almost touching.

"Kiss me." I said.

Honk Honk Honk!

We yanked away from each other and saw a car pulling up into Dillons driveway.


But I wasn't even caring about the kiss anymore. My curiously turned to the girl who stepped out of the black Nissan car. She was all legs, which were perfectly tan like she got the perfect amount of sun.

Her long flowy blonde hair was blowing in the wind and so was her red knee length sundress. She looked like she was in the middle of a photoshoot. She removed her sunglasses and smiled as Dillons parents walked out to greet her. Her teeth were blinding and perfectly straight.

Who was this girl anyway?!

"Jo! It's so good to see you. Wow you look great!" Mrs. Danielle gushed.

"What's going on over there?" I asked.

"I forgot that my mom told me a family friend was staying with us for a while. Her mother is in the hospital and she thought she would rather be with us instead of home alone. My mom told me about  two months and I forget stuff like that." He shrugged.

"Oh." I said. I wanted to ask so many other questions though. Like,

"How old is she? How long is she staying? Why is she so much more prettier than me?!"

But I'm really not the rude type. I had to admit my jealousy was kicking in though. But Dillon and I aren't even a thing for me to get jealous.

"I guess I should go. My dad gets pissed if I don't greet the company." He got up, waved and then walked away, leaving me to sit and feel a little uncomfortable as I watched him hug her.

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