Say Something

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Here We Go Again

Chapter 37: Say Something

POV: Al and Nia

There were two people at the end of the dormitory, pretending to fold towels the muggle way, with their eyes zeroed in on my back. I could feel the intensity with which they watched me, the tension they created because of it. They attempted to hide their wariness with useless chatter amongst each other, but just because I was ignoring them didn't make me deaf.

I continued tossing some of my possessions carelessly behind my back, their clattering mixing with Malfoy and Zabini's conversation.

"That graduation speech was really something," Zabini said with fake interest, "Coral McLaggen stole the hearts of the families present."

"That was before three mysterious streakers ruined her speech," chimed Malfoy. "But did you see the look on McLaggen's face? She knows it was the Daft Trio that was running stark naked through the field. Whoever Potter, Freddie, and Louis paid to sit in the ceremony as them to divert the attention from their streaking is going to get it good from McGonagall."

As Zabini was replying to Malfoy on the matter that occurred that morning, my hands stopped their careless tossing of objects when they reached a picture-frame before I chucked it in the rubbish pile.

It was a magical photograph: The background was so vivid, so bright and blooming, that I could pass it as a scene from a muggle film. The skies were the lightest shade of blue, illuminated by the rays of sun that were so sacred and rare in this part of the world. The wind was swooshing in the photograph, but somehow I could feel it on my skin; I was positive that it was cool, but it mixed in perfectly with the warmth falling from above. The wind made the trees in the scene ruffle their leaves; some fell and scattered or flew across the large field. And at the center of that perfect scene was a couple.

The couple ran through the middle of the photograph: a bloke chased a girl at the gentle speed of the wind. Both had large smiles on their faces, their chests vibrated with laughter that made their cheeks red. Out of nowhere, like how they randomly appeared on the photograph, the bloke reaches the girl and carefully knocks her onto the grassy ground.

The girl laughs heartily as the dark-haired bloke jumps onto her. The action looks aggressive, but the giant grin on the blonde girl's face assures whomever looks at the photograph that it was all a part of their game. The bloke wiggles his fingers in her face before he proceeds to trace them at the sides of her stomach. He then tickles her; her cheeks go red and she's torn between laughing hysterically and attempting to wiggle herself free.

Giving up as they roll, not once but twice, onto the same position, they stare at one another. They gaze into each others eyes, a clash of the brightest blue, like the ocean, and the deepest green, like treasured emeralds. The blonde girl moves hands to his face, there is a gentle, beautiful smile on hers as she does so. They share another light chuckle before the boy lowers his head—their passionate gaze still holding for a few more seconds.

The wind blows and a bird is seen flying over the Black Lake, but the attention should only be upon the couple. Their lips meet, and its simple, but somehow vital. It is so soft and honest, that one can see the love radiate from the pair of them. It's a moment that felt like a lifetime, but in the photograph, it's less than a second, for the beautiful scene repeats itself all over again and the couple is once again running through the field.

"Emily took that picture," Malfoy broke my reminiscing by appearing beside me. I jumped at his sudden intrusion, but also away from the hand he put on my shoulder as a means for comfort. "Louis and Freddie put their sickles together to get her that camera for her birthday since they were appalled by the muggle one she carried around."

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