The Lone Wolf's Song

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Darkness engulfed the landscape

Amidst the cries of pain

The Lone Wolf Prowled the valley

As the sky darkened,

With the flavor of rain.

Vanishing hopes

Were finally gone

Up above through

Fading twilight.

As the Lone Wolf walked

All alone on the path

Of dark were-light.

Days extinguished

His soul burning

He walked alone

With his head

Never turning

Walking on the dark road

In his voluntary exile

With his shattered soul

Happiness deprived.

He tried to cope

But alas!

Not a glimpse of hope.

The wind rustles

As he stalks his prey

He must kill to live

That is his way.

Necessity done

Blood-lust satisfied

The lone wolf prowls along

As weaklings shake and hide.

He is the last warrior

Of eternal darkness

The last shadow one sees

Before taken by

Death’s embrace.

Heartless inside,

Neither good

Nor is he evil,

He lives to hunt

He lives to kill.

Destroyer, Protector

Jet Black in color

With eyes of burning gold

He walks a different path

That’s why he walks alone.

He needs no pack

He cares for only one

He strikes when he feels

He answers to none.

Mothered by Shadow,

Fathered by the night,

He stalks the mortal world

Under the were- light.

He is the hunter,

The spirit of the moonlit sky

The lone wolf of the Netherlands

The dark prince

With a heart of frozen ice.

On the road to nowhere

He saw a white horse

She is what he will never be

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