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Author's note

Thanks again guys! I love you all so much.

I said in the last chapter I would use italics for flashbacks but I will be using them for other things too as flashbacks, thoughts, significant words, and whatever I feel needs to be in italics! <3


It's been a month since I learned about Mike's past and each day he seems to open up more and more to me. I've learnt that he had a safe spot whenever things would start to go bad. His dad had a pond in the backyard of their home growing up. That whenever he would start to feel alone in this world and his mom did nothing to help it, he went out to the pond and got some time away from reality. For the most part he did but when things got too crazy he went to the blades. He told me he found himself into those blades. Whenever he would look into the silver piece of it, and would see his reflection. He found a sense of safety. 

My thoughts are broken from me when I drive into my parking space at school, and prepare for another day that almost means nothing to me. Being here seems to go by so quickly with my having only 5 classes and Mike speaking to me throughout them. I take out my phone before getting out of my car and notice a text from a number that isn't saved into my phone, but I quickly realize that I do know the number and that number happens to be Tyler's.

I have dreaded the whole entire day since I read his message. The text didn't give me much information as to why he texted me. All he said was to meet him at the football field after we got out of school. A part of me just doesn't even want to deal with him and go straight home to cam with Mike until I fall asleep but the curiousity awakes from within me and I find myself wanting to speak to him.

Soon as I was released from English, my next class I had to face was History. Which is the class I have with Tyler. I got in there and there he was in his seat. I haven't made much or any notice of him in the past few months. There was times when my mind would travel to him at the little things that happened and made me remind me of him but I quickly shut it out and left it there in the back of my thoughts. Seeing him and getting the text from him this morning has made my mind go wild and I did start to have a pain in my heart, and I'm only wondering as to why it's still there when I am over Tyler.

Before I even have the chance to look up after I sat down, he was there standing next to me against the wall. I feel as if the air has escaped my lungs and it's only us into the room.

"I was just wondering if you got my text." He simply states.

"I did, and I accept the offer." I say with a gloomy smile.

"Cool, I'll meet you there after this is over." With that he walks away.


Walking out to the football fields is a difficult task, I have only been out here a few times and I could probably count them on one hand. I see Tyler on one of the benches and I start to walk over there but look off at the field trying my best to ignore eye contact before getting to him.

I can't help but notice and picture Mike and Vic running in the field with a soccer ball getting kicked between them. Mike's smile is the brightest out of all of ours and he seems to be getting closer to the net with each little kicks he does against Vic as I sit back and watch. Mike kicks the ball hard into the net and yells as if he has won the biggest prize, I laugh loudly and throw my head back into fits of laughter and when I look back, Mike seems to be walking towards me. He gets closer to my face, and he towers over me before bending down to me. I can feel his breath fanning across my face as his eyes look wildly at me, and moves in closer just inches from lips as he glances down at them and looks back at me before closing the-

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