Blurring The Lines {2}

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                Lunch made me feel more out of place than anything. I sat in my regular clothes, watching the tables of Blues and Maroons. I noticed that they didn't mix.

                I noticed that mean kid sitting with a small group of Maroons, babbling on happily to them. I sank down in my chair, wishing I could fall through the floor to the center of the earth to die.

                Lunch passed by too quickly for my liking and then I was back off to my last three classes of the day. I was once again introduced at the start of every class and coddled at the end of every class.

                This damn school was going to drive me up a fucking wall.

                When my last class let out, I was beyond relieved to get the hell out of the academic building. I knew I had to go meet my roommate, but maybe I could put that off for a bit and wander the campus.


                The boy who ran up to me was unfamiliar. Hell, everyone in this school was unfamiliar.

                "Sorry, I didn't hear you announced six times today," I said. "Who are you and why are you talking to me?"

                He laughed. "I'm Jordan. I'm your roommate."

                So much for putting off meeting my roommate.

                "Oh," I said.

                "I'll walk you back to the dorms," he offered.

                I really didn't want to, but I figured I should at least try to get along with my roommate. If I was too much of an asshole to him, this year was going to get a whole lot worse.

                So I packed up my stuff and followed him out of the academic building. Kids streamed all around us, talking and hurrying past. They were a blur of Blue and Maroon, a white noise of conversation filling the air.

                "So, how was your first day?" Jordan asked, matching his pace to mine so he didn't walk too fast. "What do you think of the Academy?"

                "It costs a million dollars but it's still just a school," I said.

                "It's a really great place. I'm sure you'll love it after you've spent some time here," he said. "You could join a club. They're always accepting new members."

                "I'm not a club guy," I said.

                "That's fine, too. If you need any help with your work, let me know, by the way," he said.

                "I'm sure I'll figure it out," I said.

                We reached the dorm building and Jordan led me inside. We walked down the hall a little ways and he unlocked the door, letting me into our room.

                I looked around as I entered. My parents had completely set up my side for me, my mom leaving a framed picture of our family on my desk.

                I scowled as I spotted my bed. It was obnoxiously high up and my parents had set a little cluster of stairs next to it so I could get up into it. God, fucking stairs. I hate stairs. I wanted to become president just to make stairs illegal. I'd deport all the stairs and build a giant wall around them so they could never get back into the country.

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