Chapter 8: The Babysitter

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Previously On Coach's Little Girlfriend:

Rachel and Jesse's dad we'll be gone for the whole weekend. So the humiliating began. They will have a babysitter. They both were shocked and will embarassed if someone find out they had a babysitter. But unfortunately not for Rachel. 

"I'll go get it" Rachel said standing up to go to get the door. 

She swang the door open. Rachel's eyes went wide, knees trembling, mouth dry and urge to touch him.


"We really gotta stop, meeting like this" Both of them chuckled.

"RACHEL, WHOS IN THE DOOR" Her dad shouted from the kitchen. "IS IT YOUR BABYSITTER"

"Wait, my dad made you babysit us?" Rachel asked the person from the door. He nodded.

"I didn't even you know you guys are his kids" The guy shrugged his shoulder. He hugged her tightly. Missing every little inch of her body and face. She hugged back. They both pulled away from the hug whe they heard footsteps.

"Mr. Hudson" Jesse asked suprised.

"Hey Jesse" Finn waved at him. He waved back shockingly.

"Wow, this is so embarassing. Youre not going to kick me out of the football team are you?" Jesse said panickly.

"Of course not Jesse, why would I do that?" Finn asked.

"Your my Coach, and football players are supposed to be tough you know, not to babysit at" Jesse said simply shrugged.

"Nah, never going to that, youre actually one of my best player" Finn said smiled. Jesse blushed a little. Rachel crossed her arms infront of her chest and cleard her throat loudly.

"Oh yeah, sis this is my Football Coach" Jesse said introducing both his Coach and sister.

"I know" Rachel smiled sweetly at Finn. Then licked her lips. Finn gupled deeply, pants getting tighter.

"Mr. Hudson, im glad your here" Their dad interrupted. Both of them shook each other hands.

"Well im glad im here" Finn looked at Rachel lovingly. Suprisingly no one noticed. Rachel blushed.

"Ok guys, I'll be back sunday night ok?" William said to his kids. He took his overnight bag and kiss both of his kid's forhead. They both nodded and watch their dad going inside his car.

"Oh,,,get inside Mr. Hudson" Rachel said grabbing his arm to pull him inside. Makes him shiver on Rachel's touched. Never gets old. Finn went to get his stuff. 

"Let me help you with that Coach Hudson" Jesse asked nicely. 

"Thanks" He patted the back of his shoulder. 


~A minute Later~

"So, what do you guys usually do at weekends" Finn asked sitting on the couch putting his both arms around the couch and lean back comfortably. Looking at the both kids. Rachel was washing plates while Jesse flipped channels from the TV.

"Well, Rachel's usually busy locking herself to her room, talking to herself" Jesse said shrugged. Finn tried to hide his blush. He look at the girl from the sink, who are looking at him too. He flashed his half smile. She smiled back. And looked away.

After Rachel doing the dishes, she said she'll go upstairs to work on her homework.

"But its friday night, can't you just do that tomorrow or sunday?" Jesse asked. Rachel rolled her eyes.

"We have a report, unlike you who doesn't do your homework" Rachel said. "Now if you'll excuse me, i have some work to do" Rachel said glared at his brother one more time. And smiled at Finn.

"Don't worry about her Coach Hudson" Jesse said insured. Finn just nodded not paying attention to him, just dreamingly looking at the stairs where Rachel went.

After minutes of watching Football with Jesse. Shouting at the TV, for comfortable minutes. Jesse yawned and said to Finn that he wants to go to bed. He just nodded. 

When he heard Jesse's door closed from upstairs. He quickly tiptoed to the pink door. He found a girl sleeping. She look beautiful. Well she always look beautiful no matter what. He stared at her lovingly for minutes. He bend his knees down to shake Rachel.

"Go away Jesse, i dont want to hear about your football stuff" Rachel muttered.

"Rachel, its me Finn" Finn said quietly. Rachel's eyes shot opened, and suddenly put her arms around him that cause to make him fall. She quickly attack him with kisses, of course he couldn't resist her kisses. 

"Miss me?" Finn said after they both pulled away from the kisses. Rachel nodded. 

"Go to bed now, im sorry, if I woke you up" Finn said before scooping her to his arms like bridal style and tuck her into bed. 

"I love you" Finn said. He kissed her lips one more time then her forhead.

"Love you too" Rachel muttered. He turned the lamp off, then went outside.

Finn went back downstairs to go to the Guest Room. Put some of his clothes to the small cabinet. He went to change this clothes to more comfortable ones from the guest bathroom. When he saw a tiny figure sleeping in his bed. He smiled and shook his head and sleep beside her wrapping his arm to her waist. She moved her head to his chest and wrap her arm around him. Finn kissed her hair.

"Sweetdreams Rachel" Finn muttered quietly kissing her hair one last time.

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