Haymitch, smirking in amusement, removed the weaponry from the victor's vicinity before beginning his next sentence: "Listen, Coin wants..."

"I don't care what Coin wants."

"She wants you to record a video, to show your District that you are still alive." He continued stubbornly as she looked up at him with a raised eyebrow. "I don't like her either, I mean how could I with the certain bans she's put in place? But saying that, her sources say that many in District 5 believe you to have died in the Games. Peeta was the last person to be seen with you and he spoke of you in the past tense. The people blame the rebellion for forcing you to defend Katniss."

"Her sources are wrong. Anyone who knew me knows that I can't be forced to do anything."

"They won't join us."

"Then they might live." Quinn retorted, her voice raised a little more than she intended as she stared through his soul with her icy gaze.

As silence engulfed them, Haymitch knew that there was no getting through to the stubborn blonde and so throwing his arms up in defeat, he turned to leave the room - meeting Finnick in the doorway: "Grumpy needs to sleep. Talk some sense into her."

"Keeping friends, I see." The victor from four grinned cheekily as he approached her, causing her to roll her eyes. "I didn't hear you get up. Did you sleep?" He asked with a yawn, not willing to talk her into conforming to whatever Haymitch was asking of her.

"Yeah, a bit." She lied noticing the concern that flitted across his sea-green eyes, "How are you feeling? You never had any nightmares last night."

"Better...until the next relapse." Finnick shrugged sitting down on the steps and catching her left hand in his as she squeezed his shoulder – a silent show of support. "You missed breakfast again."

"The food was better in the arena."

Following the girl's flippant response, Finnick knew not to press her regarding their new 'home'. He knew that she felt like a caged animal in the constraints of the district and so they sat in a comfortable silence as he ran his thumb over her knuckles, enjoying how close they had been in the last twenty-four hours. The victor had always been distant with her emotions and considering her past, he did not blame her and so he grateful that he had been lucky enough to see over the walls that she had expertly crafted around herself.

Suddenly, the screen burst into life, drawing their attentions. Quinn inhaled sharply as her gaze landed on Peeta as he clutched a white rose – Snow's symbol of ownership. His eyes were darker than she remembered, cradled by nothing but deep, black circles that matched his satin suit. His face was gaunt and considerably thinner than it had ever been and he looked nothing but a shell of the first person in a long time, that she had considered to be a friend.

"I wish I could give this rose to you, Katniss." He whispered, his voice helpless and striking a cord in Quinn's chest, reawakening the guilt that she felt but as the audience viewed the innocence of the statement, she saw something darker.

The camera then spanned to Caesar as he sat across from the boy: "Such a sweet gesture for a girl that inspired such violence. You must love her very much to be able to forgive her...I don't think I could. Unless, Peeta, you think that she's being forced into saying things that she doesn't even understand?"

"She must still have a following in The Capitol..." Finnick analysed, "They are trying to paint her as nothing but a pawn."

Peeta looked shocked at the presenter's statement before he nodded: "That's exactly what I think. They are using her to whip up the rebels. I doubt she knows what's happening and what's really at stake."