Megan’s P. O. V.

                “CHUG! CHUG! CHUG! CHUG!” Melissa and the girls are yelling, a month later, as The Boys and I are drinking some disgusting drinks the girls made and dared us to drink. I was gagging as I drank it, but the girls said I couldn’t drink it and they said they would pay me $20 each if I drank it and I’m all for free money.

                “Done!” Me and Niall say and slam the glasses on the counter. “Pay up! We both say before I ran to the bathroom and got sick. I got back up and went into the other room after I washed my teeth. They immediately all run over and hug me.

                “I’M SORRY!” All the girls yell.

                “It’s alright!” I say laughing. “What did you even put in it?”

                “Um, grain, bananas, strawberries, juice, pineapple, sugar, ice,” Melissa says and the boys and I look at her doubtfully. “Ok, carrots, Oreos, Gummy Bears, Nutella, Pretzels, Peri Peri chicken, and Goldfish.”

                “Not my Nutella!” I yell.

                “My carrots!” Louis screams.

                “My Gummy Bear!” Harry hollers.

                “My Nando’s!” Niall yells and falls to his knees.

                “My Oreo’s!” Zayn exclaims.

                “Sorry, I didn’t know all that stuff was so precious to you,” She said and raised her hands up in defeat and the rest of the girls follow.

                “It’s alright.” I say and wink at the boys to let them know it was totally not ok. “Well me and the boys need to go back to our hotel room,” I say and pull the guys out and into the hallway. “Ok, so guys, Melissa had a lot of make-up and hair products that I say we go back home and blend all of that together so that she knows how it feels, ok?” I ask as we walk into the room. They all nod and I to get Melissa’s make-up and crap from her room. I walk back down with my arms full and spend the next half an hour taking the stuff out of the case and putting it into the blender. We then add some other food substances to make it look edible. She finally comes back just as Niall went downstairs to throw out the evidence and we pour the drink into a cup. “Hello, Melissa. We made you a drink!”

                “Oh no.” She says and starts to slowly back up to the door.

                “Oh, no you don’t!” The boys say and pull her back over.

                “Ok, as long as you didn’t use my Reece’s Cups in them,” She says and sits down. We place the drink in front of her and she takes a drink. She immediately spits it out and all over the counter. “What the Finnick is in this?! It taste waxy.”

                We all crack up and soon are holding our sides because they hurt so bad. “Well, let’s see oranges, grapefruit, cheeries, grapes, juice, ice, yogurt.” She looks as me doubtfully. “And all of your hair products and make-up!”

                Her mouth drops open and she shoots straight out of the chair. “WHAT?! Guys that was like $900 of stuff there!”

                “Hahahaha, Melf your face! But don’t worry we’ll go out and get you new stuff later on today. C’mon let’s go get ready. Guys go out and do something like manish. Since I’ve been here we’ve gone to the mall like every other day and besides that all you guys have done outside of rehearsal is play video games! I think the Dodgers are playing the Phillies today. Go out and watch that. I swear you’re like a couple of girls who play video games. My Rowling…” I say and then pull Melissa up the stairs and we get ready. I throw on an outfit and we head out the door.  “Go to the game, boys! Invite Ryan if you want you guys should get to know him better!”

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