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Hello Everyone!

Here I will be hosting a Writing contest!

Like other contests here also you can show your creativity and talent.

So Guidelines are:

◼ Follow me.

Add this book to your reading list.

It should be yours.

◼ Don't get offended if you don't win.

No rude comments.❌

◼ ❌No Criticising. ❌

Quotes theivery is strictly PROHIBITED. If you are found stealing someone's work, YOU WILL BE DISQUALIFIED!

◼ Two Works per author.

Words limit mentioned in every contest. It should not exceed more than that.

Submit your work according to the required topic. Any work mismatching the topic will be DISQUALIFIED.

◼ Submit before due date. No late submission will be accepted.

How to take part in contest?

You just have to fill the form that will be mentioned in every contest.

How to submit your work?

You can post it in a comment on a contest Chapter.

Till then,
Good luck!

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