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Pen Your Pride

Louis's P.O.V

After I used the bathroom I went to the kitchen in search of River. The manager had called and said she was allowed to sing one song at our concert. One song of her choice. I know she would probably hate us but she had an amazing voice and she needed to know it. River was sitting in the kitchen drinking a glass of orange liquid. The juice machine was on and the veg drawer open. Two carrots were missing from my emergency supply (yes i count my carrots). My jaw dropped. Surely she knew those were mine. My question was answered when she spotted me standing in the doorway. My voice was low as I spoke.

'Those are my carrots' I stated in a low voice enjoying the look on River's face. She looked ready to poop her pants. 'You're eating my carrots' I supressed a giggle as she looked down to the floor.

'I'm sorry' She whispered looking so ashamed I almost told her i was joking, almost 'I honestly wouldn't have used them if they weren't the only ones in the house sorry bus' I smiled and took a step forward.

'S'okay' I said shrugging my shoulders 'I was actually joking. Now c'mon our manager and the boys want to speak to you' I said turning on my heel and walking away. River followed close behind me and I suddenly had an idea. I waited till she was right behind me before turning round and tickling her. She let out a shriek of laughter and squirmed under my fingertips. Uncontrollable laughter escaped her lips as she fell to the floor wriggling as I dug my fingers into her ribs.

'Stop it' She cried 'P-please stop it' I laughed and stopped tickling allowing her to stand up. Her hair was ruffled up and somehow her clothes were covered in dust. River rolled her eyes and went to change obviously not wanting to look scruffy. It didn't matter though; now that she was going on stage the stylists would insist on making her look even prettier.

After about five minutes she came back from the bathroom wearing a whole new outfit. Her hair was swept to the side and puffed up with a black clip holding her fringe back. The clip, although rather plain stood out against her white hair. Her eyes were outlined with thick black make up, her cheeks were slightly red against her pale skin and her lips were a vibrant red. Her outfit was a pair of white shorts, a red camisole and red heeled wedges. She looked beautiful and I think even the stylists would agree that she looked perfect. Smiling at her I took her hand in mine and led her off the bus. The boys were already in the arena with our manager so we had to be quick. I didn't want to make them wait for much longer. To my utter surprise there was hardly any fans outside which made getting in a hell of a lot easier. Don't get me wrong i love our fans but their obsessive screaming and desperation to tear our clothes off is a bit much. It took us a while to find where everyone was because the arena was so massive but eventually we got to them.

'Hey' I said taking a seat on Harry's lap. 'Vas Happenin?' Zayn gave me a glare as i used his catchphrase I smiled at him smugly. The smugness disappeared off my face and reappeared on Zayn's when River sat on his lap.I gave him a glare before turning to our manager who was looking at River strangely. It was almost as if he recognised her. Shaking my head I pointed a hand at Mr Jacobs.

'River this is Paul Jacobs our manager, Paul this is River' they nodded at each other before Paul spoke. His eyes never left River and it was beginning to freak me out.

'Hey River' He said cheerfully before standing up and leaning against the wall. He was about 40 but he acted more like 14.'Now the boys have told me how good a singer you are and we were wondering if you would perform a song tonight at the concert. The boys would help you with the chorus but you'd do the verses by yourself. Is that okay with you?' Rivers face was a picture. Her eyes widened and her mouth formed a comical O shape. She took a little while to process the information but eventually she nodded her head.

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