Chapter 2: When I was 13...

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    "Harry get ready for school!", my mum shouted angrily. I didn't feel like getting up. I hated school. Nobody liked me, and I didn't like them. It was hell, but so was home. I fell out of bed amd slid on my skinny jeans and my hoodie and went to the bathroom to brush my teeth. "Harry get your ass down here now!", mum shouted. I wonder what I did wrong this time.

    "What?", I called as I ran down stairs. "Hurry the hell up, we're gonna be late!", she shouted. I rolled my eyes. THWACK! I staggered as she slammed her fist into the back of my head. "Don't. Fucking. Roll your eyes. At me. Again!", she said between punches. I winced. "O-okay. S-S-sorry.", I stuttered. BAM! "Don't stutter when you speak to me!", she yelled. "Okay! Sorry!", I exclaimed as I ran towards the door before she could hit me again. "Get in the car, we're late.", she said.

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