65: Groupchat

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Shawn: yes stassie?

Stass: oh hi!!

Claudia: what's happening??

Stass: I just wanted to say that I love the song with Ari

Shawn: oh thanks sm ❤

Jack G: man that song is on repeat forever

Jack J: it'll never get old let me tell you that

Madison: I agree

Claudia: yeah I guess

Shawn: babe, you okay?

Claudia: I feel like you're going to forget about our song

Madison: shit

Shawn: no, baby, I'll never forget about it. It's too important to me.

Jack G: ooo this is cute

Stassie: watch and learn boys

Jack J: I'm going to pay very close attention

Claudia: you promise?

Shawn: yes baby, I promise.

Stass: that was cute asf

Madison: this'll never get old

Jack J: both of your songs are good

Jack G: ^^^^

Shawn: see?? I promise, nobody will forget about our song

Claudia: okay good 😊

Shawn: I love you, okay?

Claudia: yes, I love you too

Stass: this is too damn cute I need a bf

Jack J: and I need a bf

Madison: my bf is a douche

Jack G: hey, you know you love me

Madison: yeah, I do

Claudia: see Shawn and I aren't the only cute ones

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