Valentines with a Florist

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I woke up slightly at the sound of my bedroom door creaking open. My body was too asleep to bother moving as I heard shoes hitting the floor of my closet and a belt buckle clicking undone.

"Hi baby," I mumbled, words slurred from my face being snuggled into my pillow.

"Hi sweetheart." I heard a drawer shut and then felt the covers of our bed tug slightly as my husband slid under them. "Sorry I'm so late."

"It's okay," my words melted into each other as he brushed the hair from my neck and placed a gentle kiss there. "How was work?"

"Too long," he grumbled sliding his arm around my waist and settling his chest against my back.  I chuckled lightly before reassuring him.

"After tomorrow you'll be able to sleep again, don't worry."

"You mean after today. It's two in the morning my love."

"Oh," I processed that through my half awake brain before responding. "Well happy Valentines babe." My hand squeezed his lightly as a soft smile pulled the corners of my lips.

"Happy Valentines babe. I'm sorry we can't be a normal couple and spend today being romantic."

"I never signed up for normal when I married you so don't you dare apologize. Besides, I already know that my flowers are going to be fantastic and make all the other wives jealous." I giggled.

"Perks of having a florist as a husband."

"Perks of having a talented husband," I corrected. "Also, Post Valentines Day is going to be perfect. We'll sit in bed and watch movies all day and eat whatever food we want and just relax so you can catch up from today."

"That sounds amazing but are you sure you-"

"I'm sure. I just want to snuggle and watch movies with you. I promise." His lips connected with the back of my neck once more and we both sighed in content, hoping that the rest of the day went smoothly.

* * *

His alarm blared at 5:30 AM and we both groaned, wishing we had just a little longer to be at peace. Jay began to move to get out of bed and I immediately halted his efforts by rolling myself over on top of him.

"You can't leave yet," I grumbled, eyes closed as I laid on his chest.

"But I have to make a living and support us," he laughed.

"I'll support us just don't leave yet."

"I need to leave, baby."

"But you're so warm and I'll be cold without you," I whined again.

"Then come to work with me. You'll be so busy you'll break a sweat instead of shiver."

"I'll come in at 8 and bring you some breakfast," I finally gave up and rolled off of him, wrapping myself in the blankets as tightly as possible.

After getting dressed and ready for the day he gave me a simple kiss on the lips and said, "Alright I'll see you later. Happy V-Day."

I responded similarly and fell asleep the instant that the door clicked shut.

* * *

"Four easy-to-eat breakfast burritos have arrived!  How's it going hun?" I set the paper bag of warm burritos on the back counter as I pulled off my coat and began sweeping the stem clippings on the ground into a pile.

"It's alright. How was your morning?" He asked over his shoulder, not taking his eyes off the tulip stems in his hands.

"It was alright. Anything you need done after the sweeping?"

We continued to work around each other, occasionally stopping for little breaks between the almost constant flow of customers. Many of the people that my husband served knew us personally and it was great to see them and chat with them again. After thirteen more hours, Jay and I finally had everything put away and locked so we could head home.

"That wasn't so bad, now was it?" I asked as we walked through the garage door.

"You got more sleep than me so I'm not sure we're in the same place right now," Jay chuckled, putting his arm across my shoulders as we climbed the stairs to our bedroom together. We both changed into our pj's and crawled into bed.

"Lay on your tum," I spoke to Jay, smiling as he obeyed without question. I pulled the lotion and essential oils from my nightstand and put some on the top of his back, mixing them together as my hands worked it into his skin to help soothe his muscles.

Jay hummed beneath me as my thumbs helped work out the knots in his neck before making there way to his shoulders and upper arms. After most of the tenseness had leaked from his body, I turned off the lamp on my nightstand and laid down. Before I could even get comfortable, Jay's arm had pulled me closer then settled across my stomach.

"I love you," he sighed.

"I love you, too."


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