Chapter twenty-one

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Our dorms were separated from the others but remained in our common rooms so that if one of us had a nightmare the others would be able to help. I felt someone watching me as I sat on the windowsill which out looked the underwater scenery the Slytherin common room had, turning slowly I saw Draco watching me, it wasn't the creepy 'I'm going to attack you' staring monsters usually did. He just kinda looked confused like something was off.

"Why are your eyes changing colour?" I jumped and tried not to glare at the pug-faced girl that had suddenly appeared before me.

"My mothers change and so do mine, we don't really know why" I said shrugging the question off.

"But why don't any of the other royals have changing eye colours?" I sighed resisting the ever growing urge to 'demand' Reyna to make her leave like Thalia had done before when a boy decided to ask her unwanted questions.

"I am a Princess through being Jason's suitor, Jason is one of the sons to the three kings that rule over our side oof the wizarding world," I said calmly running through all of the cover up stories Annabeth was able to come up with while we had some alone time on the train. 

"So... if you and Jason broke up then you wouldn't be royal anymore and the person he, per say, dated instead of you would be?" What was this girl getting at? Does she want to date Jason? The thought of him and her together made my stomach churn.

"No, I am a noble by birth, I would still be royal with or without Jason. I would just not be a princess and for the whole 'becoming a royal thing' it wouldn't work with our laws. The only non-noble to become a part of the Royal family was my best friend Rachel Dare. She had to risk her life on many occasions and even allow herself to be forever cursed to be a Royal. It's not something that happens overnight and it's not fun or 'life changing'. Being Royal is a responsibility, not power." The girl looked surprised by my answer as if I had just told her that her hair was bright yellow.

"Why are you so defensive, worried about someone better being with him?" I scoffed at her remark showing my childish side. Reyna smirked from the corner off of the room where she stood 'Gaurd' (she was just listening to all the chit chat running through the room,).

"I'm not defensive. I am merely telling a childish stranger the truth and Anyways why would he date you?" I replied calmly braiding a strand of my hair. It was her turn to scoff.

"Because I'm better than you. I'm a pure blood from one of the sacred twenty-eight blood lines. Your family name has never been special it's not even in those stupid history books McGonagall makes us read," I laughed, right in her stuck up face.

"Oh, sweety, you've never seen my name before because your not a Noble. Only nobles know about my family and their history and anyways, Jason doesn't date people who purposely start a fight with those who are supposed to be their guests." With those words I left for the library, Annabeth and Hazel wanted to meet me there by ten and it was already five past.

Hey, guys! Thanks for reading also yes that does mean that you are all Nobles for knowing who Aphrodite is XD but anyways thanks for reading!