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Beautiful ocean blue eyes awake to the morning light as it shined through a small dirty window. Lance smiled slightly and rubbed the sleep away from his eyes.

The morning sunlight engulfed the entire light blue room in the most beautiful light as lance decided to spend a couple more minutes resting in bed before he decides to make his rounds across the town.

The Cuban boy sighed through his nose happily as he tossed his fuzzy blue cat blanket to the side and started to get ready for his day.

As he busted through his bedroom door out into the hallway he was greeted with plenty of good mornings and happy smiles from his younger and older siblings.

"Buenos dias mamà". Lance happily chirps as he makes his way into the kitchen and kisses his mother on the cheek.

The delicious smell of pancakes and syrup invade his nostrils as he sighs happily once again. Life cannot get any better than this.

"Buenos dias darling", his mother speaks as she hands him his own plate of breakfast, " I need you to pick up some bread from the baker today. And, don't forget, you need to return your space book back to the book shop today. We don't have enough extra cash to pay for a fine."

Lance nods as he grabs his breakfast plate from his mother and kisses her again but on top of her head.

He notices that her dark chestnut shade of brown hair is being specked with the slightest of gray hairs.

"Si mama. I won't forget."


Lance grasps onto a small bag of cash his mother had handed to him before he had made his great escape and a particularly heavy book about space and stars as he progresses into the town of Altea.

The town of Altea wasn't that big of a town and it wasn't all that densely populated. It was the kind of town where everyone knew everyone and everyone got along with everyone. It held promise of being safe. And that's all that lance's mamà and papà said when they first moved into town 12 years ago.

"Little town, such a quiet village." Lance mumbled as he started to walk into the gates leading to the intermost part of the town. Everything was serene and peaceful. Like it always was before 7 o'clock.

"Everyday like the one before." He rolls his perfectly blue orbs as the thought slips through his soft pink lips. It was true though. Everything always happened the same way. Everyday. You wake up, eat, work, eat again, and sleep. It was a never ending cycle. And Lance wanted out of it.

"Little town filled with little people. Waking up to say." Lance whispers before the chime of the town clock echoes through the quiet streets.

Suddenly, as if magic, almost all the windows and doors open up to people, who happily start saying their good mornings to each other and Lance as he passes them on the streets below.

He occasionally greets them good morning back before he returns to his task at hand. He soon has to return home to help out with the gardening and feeding of the animals.

"There goes the baker with his tray like always. The same old bread and rolls to sell. Every morning just the same. Since the morning that we came. To this poor provincial town."

"Good morning Lance." The said baker interrupts Lance's mumbles.

"Oh!," clearly shocked from the new presence, Lance turns around to greet the said person, "Good morning Hunk. I didn't see you there. Gez we got to get you a bell or something."

Hunk slightly chuckles and moves his dark brown bangs with his wrist. In his other hand there is a tray with breads and rolls freshly made and steaming hot with the new bread smell.

"Anyway big guy. May I have a loaf of bread for my mamà". Lance asks while jiggling the small money bag in offering.

The large Hawaiian native smiles largely and hands lance a loaf of bread and gently grabs the money out of Lance's outstretched fingers.

"Have a great day Lance. And hey you better watch out I heard Keith's back in town." Hunk yells out to lance as he's walking away.

Lance could already feel the slight anger boil inside of him as he hears that name. Why did Keith have to come back. Life was going great without him. Whatever the anger, Lance decided to push it all the way down into his gut. He didn't need all these negative feelings keeping him down.

"Look there he goes, that boy is strange, no question. Dazed and distracted, can't you tell?"

Lance hears a group of townsfolk' conversation as he passes by them to head to the book shop. The slight feeling of anxiety runs through his veins as he suspects they're talking about him.

"Never part of any crowd. 'Cause his head's up on some cloud. No denying he's a funny boy that Lance."

Lance can feel a frown start to tug at the corners of his lips. Is that what they think of him. They think he's strange for dreaming about space and the stars.

Lance can see the familiar building of the bookstore up ahead and he can't help but almost sprint his way to the door.

Once he enters, the sweet smell of old pages and ink fill his nose as he sighs in happiness. This is the one other place he feels like he can belong.

"Lance? I didn't expect to see you today." a sweet and gentle voice chimes from the front desk. A heavier set girl with a short green Bob cut and matching emerald eyes stares into Lance's being. She starts to stand up making her way to properly greet lance.

The Latino boy glances up at his 6ft 1 friend and offers her one of his most dazzling smiles. "Good morning Shay. I've come here to return a book. My mamá says I must before we are fined. If it is was my choice I would never simply give it back."

"Was it that good?"

"Was it that good? Of course it was that good. Heck even better than good. It was out of this world. Thank you Shay for letting me borrow this." The brown haired boy smiles before handing the heavy novel to his friend before making his way towards the small shelves of books.

"You know Lance. Since you love these books so much, Why don't you just have one. On the house." Shay offers while smiling a small genuine smile before placing one of the books back onto the shelves.

To say at least that Lance's eyes lit up is an understatement. It was more like an entire sun hidden beneath a sea of water suddenly emerging out of no where.

He quickly picked out his favorite out of the bunch and hugged his bigger friend tightly.

"Gracias! Thank you so much. You don't know how much this means to me." Lance exclaimed happily as he practically danced around the entire shop.

"If it makes you this happy Lance. I think I can get a general idea. Now hurry along. I bet you have some work to do at home." Shay says with humor in her tone as she shoos the Cuban boy out of the shop and back into the busy streets of the town.

Lance simply couldn't help himself, but to start rereading immediately. He couldn't wait to get engrossed into another space adventure, saving planets, rescuing space princesses, fighting a 10,000 year old war. It was simply too addicting.

" Look there he goes the boy is strange, but special. A most peculiar Monsieur! It's a pity and a sin. He doesn't quite fit in. 'Cause he really is a funny boy
A beauty but a funny boy. He really is a funny boy. That Lance."

The feeling of anxiety runs through his veins once more as he tries desperately to ignore the people and what they say about him.

He wasn't that different? Right?

He tucks the loaf of bread and his new book in his satchel as he quickly speeds walks to his house.

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