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Welcome to daylight! 

My name is bree and i've been designing for almost 4 years now. My graphics have developed greatly over the years, and i'm at the final stage which is photoshop.

here, you can request a variety of covers along with a few other things [soon to be released]. 

but first, a few rules.


rules  .]

[  i.] Credit is a MUST .

[  ii.] Graphic Hopping is not and never will be tolerated.

[  iii .] Your book MUST be published or on the VERGE of publishing in order to request a cover.

[  iv. ] I have every right to deny your request. It is not personal, it just means you didn't follow the rules or the form wasn't completed properly or i'm lacking inspiration.

[  v. ] if you're request has not been accepted, please do not ask me if it is. it takes me awhile to determine whether or not i can work with the ideas you've given me. if you do ask, i will put your request at the bottom of my priority list [if i choose to accept it].

[  vi. ] please do not use the cover for a day and then toss it to the side. it takes me normally hours to make these covers and it's very frustrating for me. use it for AT LEAST A WEEK. if you do what i previously mentioned, you will be put on my blacklist, which means you can't request here ever again.

[  vii. ] you are only allowed one request. once your request has been completed and the payment has been done, you can request again. [ this is different for VIPS ]

[  viii. ] if you do not collect your cover after 72 hours, it automatically becomes a premade unless you have notified me ahead of time that you will be away.

[  ix. ] you will receive your cover via PMs' once the payment is completed.

[  x. ] on your form, in the anything else part, you must comment a quote from your favorite book along with what book it is from. don't have it? you don't get accepted. this tells me you have read the rules.

i am going to be much stricter when it comes to accepting requests. you have been warned.


payment  .]

[  i. ] do not complete the payment until you have received your cover.

the payment includes ;

[  i. ] credit in the description box of your story

[  ii. ] a permanent follow [if you're not already following me]

[  iii. ] a 2+ lined comment on one of my following stories: The Hunted, Of Ashes, or Artificial light.

  if you are a VIP, you just need to give me credit.  


[   VIPS   &  blacklist  .]

if you don't follow the rules or are just plain rude, you will be put on the blacklist.

this means that you can never, ever request from here again and you will be muted.

.   blacklist  .

you better follow the rules and make sure your username doesn't go under here

.  VIPS  .

if you are a close friend or you've requested here multiple times, you are automatically put on the vip list. 

this means you can request even when this book is closed and request as many things as you want.

i will not be listing the vip list, so if you want to know if you are a vip, just ask.

if i say no, please don't take it personally.


    [  tips  .]   

here are some things that will increase your chances of getting accepted.

[  i. ] be descriptive. the more details, the better i will be able to design your graphic.

[  ii. ] this is obvious, but follow the rules. that's all i ask.

[  iii. ] i am more likely to do covers in the following genres:

  ∟  fanfiction  

  ∟ fantasy 

  ∟ contemporary

∟   paranormal 

  ∟  vampire / werewolf

∟  science fiction


authors note  .]

if you're here, that means you've read the rules! and if you just skipped over them, well here's your last chance to read them.

to those who request properly, i hope you love your graphic and to those who are just viewing i hope you get inspired or even just a smile!

i look forward to making everyone's graphics.


please proceed to next part to request  .

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