Chapter 30: Painted promises

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A/N: If you don't want some...err...not that good parts - if you know what I mean, but I really didn't write about that, but something close, but not really that, that - you just, uhm, watch out.


Part I:


Travis straightened his royal blue tie for the millionth time as he appraised his appearance with a critical eye. He didn’t even bother with clothes that much but then Avery came. He smiled, and then glanced briefly at his ring.

Everything had gone smoothly now, and he’ll admit that he’d been nervous about the meeting yesterday, but nothing ever came up that might be bad for Avery, and that’s all that mattered. He’d been doubtful about his parents, but then yesterday showed that he should have a little more trust in them. Both of them.

He gave his approval of his own reflection at the gargantuan mirror in his room, which looks more like a master suite at a hotel than a teenager’s bedroom. He checked his keys on his pocket and grabbed the remote beside the mirror and with a few buttons pressed, the windows closed by their own accord and the curtains closed as well, and the lights flipped off.

When he emerged from his room, he barely took in the sight of their luxurious hallway when three guards on their custom black and white suit, together with Paul, blocked his next steps.

His heart pounded and confusion had no place as suspicion clouded everything else. This happened before, more than once. He tried to look calm as possible and look authoritative like his father.

“Paul, what – ”

“Sir, we were ordered to take you back to your room. You are not to go anywhere until – ”

“Fuck that, let me through right now.” He snapped, losing his patience altogether. His father had to be behind this, he always has been. But Travis wouldn’t have known yesterday, not when he was smiling down at Avery as though he’s welcoming her.


“Please, sir. We were ordered to – ” he didn’t finish the rest of the sentence as Travis stepped through and immediately, arms were restraining him and pushing him forcibly back to his bedroom door.

“Let me go! Bastards – ” they shut the door on his face. White-hot anger surged through his veins as he pounded through the door. “Paul, let me out right now. Tell my father I need to talk to him.”



A few more heartbeats passed when the doorknob turned and Paul emerged. Determination and a sliver of relief shook Travis but Paul shook his head, snapping the door shut and stood in front of it, making an exit purely impossible.

“This is fucking insane. Let me out, Paul.”

“Mrs. Warner gave us orders.”

Travis paused in mortification and his blood turned cold. “Did you – did you just say that my mother told you to do this?”

Paul mumbled his answer, but Travis can still hear it as clear as day, “Yes, sir.”

Travis’ head pounded and he found it impossible to believe. His Mom.

“Did she say why?” he said in a slow, but furious voice. Maybe he imagined it, but Paul’s stance turned something akin to doubt and disappointment, “She doesn’t want you around Ms. Allton, sir.” Travis couldn’t control the shaking of his entire frame now and he clenched his fists. She lied. She lied to her face.

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