Jotaro x Reader: "Studying"

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How in the hell had you been accepted into one of the best universities in America? You had no idea. Especially considering the fact that on your application you had fully admitted that you hadn't a clue as to what you wanted to major in. Maybe you liked literature, maybe science, maybe the arts. But now, there were so many options. The college you were attending had it all. It was one of those large, well-funded east coast universities.

Your first semester included a variety of unique classes: Shakespearean literature, music history, psychology 101, and, as a last minute filler, an intro to biology. On the first day of this course, you walked into an almost empty room. The professor stood at a podium, preparing notes for his lecture, while about five students sat in the chairs. Four were clumped together, and were chatting boisterously. The other student sat alone in a far corner. He was slightly intimidating, tattered hat pulled down over his dark eyes as he crossed his arms, seemingly cut off to the world. You avoided both he and the cult of friends as you found your seat.

Surprisingly, you got to know the brooding man a bit more that the others. You learned his name was Jotaro Kujo and that he was from Japan, though his English was impeccable. He planned to major in marine biology, and to pursue a doctorate after he earned his undergraduate degree. You two seemed to be the only ones actually interested in the class. Apparently you also lived in the same residential hall, and you began studying together regularly, if you considered reading silently 4 feet away from each other in the library 'studying together'.

As the end of the semester approached, you began to get antsy, and you couldn't quite pinpoint why. Most likely because of the inevitable approach of finals and your worries about your grade in that class in particular. It wasn't that you were in danger of failing, you just really, really felt like you needed an A, like you had to impress someone. And it seemed your 'study sessions' with Jotaro weren't really helping. You thought it would be a good idea to actually work with him: to quiz each other on taxonomy, cell structure, a little chemistry even.

You brought this up in the library one day.

"Jotaro?" you whispered. He grunted, giving you permission to speak.

"Do you think maybe we could start studying together for this final. I'm getting pretty nervous about it and–" He sighed, cutting you off. You were afraid you'd angered him. You were always afraid that you had angered him.

"Come by my dorm tonight after dinner." He continued reading his book on the anatomical differences between different species of dolphins. You chuckled.

That was exactly what you liked about him. He was a genius, but he wouldn't flaunt it. He was quiet and easily annoyed, though he could easily become annoying given the opportunity to talk about any sort of marine life. You smiled as you left the library, looking forward to meeting up with him later.

At around 7:00 pm, you knocked on his door. He had chosen to spend the extra money on a single, complementing his introverted lifestyle. There was silence for almost a minute, and you knocked again.

"Go away." You heard.

"Umm... Jotaro, it's me..." You heard several quick steps and the clang of a deadbolt unlocking. The door swung open to reveal a (somewhat flushed, though he wouldn't admit it) Jotaro, with a new marine life book in hand. You could see that in the corner of his room, the textbook he had been reading earlier was at the bottom of the pile. You chuckled realising just how many books on the subject he owned, and just how many he had read that day.

"Sorry..." He mumbled, "forgot." as he opened the door for you to enter. You were about to joke about the number of books he had checked out, when you noticed the entire wall behind his door.

"Holy crap," your face lit up. It was like he had his own miniature library, sorted by subject and alphabetised and everything!

He didn't notice your expression as he started pulling out books. He retrieved about ten books strictly on basic biology.

"We can start with these." You face palmed, giggling. You weren't sure if you were excited or nervous, even maybe afraid.

But as the night passed, you came to enjoy yourself immensely. You loved how Jotaro would calmly grunt in affirmation as you got your basic facts right, but would proceed to explain in detail how these facts related to starfish or to whales. Eventually you two sat on the couch, reading through one of the last books. You could barely keep your eyes open and let out a large yawn. The conversation seemed to lull as both of your eyelids grew heavy. Not knowing what you were doing at the time, you leaned your head on his shoulder. The book fell out of his hands, and all was quiet.

You awoke after a wonderful night's sleep feeling warm and comfortable. You hugged your pillow tightly, however, not wanting to get out of bed yet. Then it breathed. Your pillow breathed. You opened your eyes to find your hand resting on a muscular chest. You looked up at Jotaro's face. You caught just a second of him staring at you with a tender expression, before his face grew bright red.

But you didn't move. Your heart began to beat rapidly, and you were shy and scared, but you stared into his eyes, as if you were trying to convey your feelings with looks alone.

You shifted slowly, your face inching closer to his.

'What are you doing?!' you screamed at yourself 'What if you misunderstood? What if he hates you?' But you shoved these thoughts to the back of your mind as you gently pressed your lips to his mouth. He kissed you back, firmly, yet gingerly. One of your hands still rested on his chest, and you could feel his heartbeat speed up. You leaned even closer, deepening the kiss, creating a rhythm between your bodies. You even went as far as to pick up your leg and bring it over to the other side of his torso. You broke the kiss, prompting him to let out a soft groan, as you gazed down into his eyes from your perch.

'What the hell! Too much! Get away! You're f***ing straddling him!" Your face turned crimson as you panicked.

"Sorry!" You climbed off of him. This was just so new to you and so unlike you. You cursed under your breath, just before you felt a hand on your shoulder.

"(y/n)," he whispered in a hushed voice. You stood, in shock and embarrassed, looking at your feet.

"I really do like you." He stated firmly. "I've had feelings for you for a while," You whipped around to face him, unsure of what to do or what to say. But his face seemed to say everything. He didn't look angry or annoyed like he usually did. He looked... hopeful... loving. You took a deep breath, but nothing came out. You chuckled nervously and nodded.

"Yare yare," he smirked. "I don't even know what that means. You're going to have to tell me." He leaned his face closer to yours. Your heart kept into your throat.

"Yes you idiot!"

"Yes what?"

"I like you!" You tackled him in a hug, reaching up on your tip toes to wrap your arms around his neck. He seemed to breath a sigh of relief. Then he pulled away to touch his forehead to yours.

"Good." He spoke only one word before he fiercely pressed his lips to yours. You ran your fingers through his hair, pulling him even closer to you. His hands ran down your back as chills ran up your spine. His hat was knocked off in the gray and you smirked into the kiss. He growled lowly, pinning you against the wall as you gasped. He stopped for a second.

"Are you alright?" You answered by trailing your lips down his jaw, his neck, still running your fingers through his hair.

"If we study like this more often, I might just get an A on the final!"

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