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I walked out the door to Justin's house then turned around to look at him, "Take care of yourself Justin and I'll phone you ok?" I spoke and he nodded looking sad already and I haven't even left yet.

"Just try to ignore him as much as you can and I know it's hard, I do, but you have to try, you need to make yourself better, you are really strong Justin, my new best friend." I smiled stroking his cheek and wiping away a tear that fell from his beautiful brown eyes.

He smiled small at me, falsely, and nodded once again, "Thank you for today, I-It meant a lot to m-me, I really needed something l-like that." He whispered and i sent him a cheeky smile.

"I know you did that's why I took you, there is no need to thank me it was my pleasure, Any time you need to get out you phone or text me and I promise I will come no matter what I'm doing." I held out my pinky making him giggle and hook his pinky around mine.

"Bye Justin." I murmured kissing his cheek.

"Bye." He whispered as I walked to my car and got in waving to him then pulled out of the drive once i had started the engine.

I drove home thinking about everything that happened with Justin.

When I took him to that hill his problems seemed to fade away into nothing, he smiled small and even though it wasn't fully real, it was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.

No I do not fancy him, but I admit he is pretty flawless and he's gay anyway so it wouldn't matter.

I went through the gates to my house and pulled up turning my car engine off and locking it, I walked into my house and took my heels off and hung my keys up then walked into the living room and saw my mum sat watching tv.

"Hey honey, where have you been?" She asked as i plopped down next to her.

"You know when I went to that school and gave a speech about bullying?" I questioned and she nodded, "Well when I speaking I saw this boy there and he looked so broken mum, so when I finished the speech I went over and pulled him out of the assembly to talk to him."

I took a breath and I could see she was getting saddened by what I was telling her already.

"Anyway, I spoke to him and he told me he gets bullied physically and mentally and is the only person in the school that does, he was pale and had a lot of bruises so I asked him if he cut and he nodded, I asked to see and he showed me," I paused taking a shaky breath.

I shook my head as my eyes welled up with tears as i thought of the broken boy.

"Not one bit of his skin wasn't covered in some sort mark, bruise or cut mostly cuts, he was crying on my shoulder and told me his biggest bully has a great relationship with his mother and he will not tell her what's going on and that his father disowned him because he's gay."

By this time my mum had tears running down her cheeks, things like this are a sore spot for her because of what she went through with me.

"When I took him back into assembly I noticed every single student in there was either glaring, pointing and whispering or laughing at him, I gave him my number and he has mine so I took him out today just the two of us so he could get a break, I took him for lunch and he ordered a salad and ate about two leaves of lettuce and a tomato, he suffers from anorexia, depression, anxiety and who knows what else."

My mum was now sobbing.

I grabbed onto her hand, "I took him to a cliff where I used to go to think and on the way there I asked what he liked to do and one of the things he said was singing so I asked him to sing to me and when he did I cried, I have never heard someone sing with so much passion and hurt, his voice is absolutely beautiful mum, It is so powerful and it was a song he wrote himself that I could tell was about his father."

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