Chapter 7

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When April awoke, something felt off.

She couldn't place her finger on it, but there seemed to be something... missing.

Streams of sunlight pouring in from the halfway closed blinds fell lightly across her face, basking her in a warm embrace. Just outside her window, April could faintly hear the muffled sounds of baby birds twittering excitedly for the new day.

Her eyes fluttered and squinted in an attempt to adjust to the new brightness, and she slowly sat up, stretching her arms towards the ceiling as she did so, hearing the familiar and oddly pleasing sounds of her back cracking.

April glanced at the bed across from hers only to find it neatly made and vacant- the bubbly blonde nowhere to be seen.

"Mira must've gone to breakfast already." April thought, swinging her legs over the edge of the bed and climbing out. She trudged over to the bathroom and gazed into the mirror, running her hands through her messy hair. In her exhaustion last night, she unwittingly fell asleep in her uniform, wrinkling it terribly. It wasn't like she had another to change into- in fact, April had little to no actual possessions in her dorm- as they all were left behind back in her house in Florida.

She glanced down at her phone, the clock reading 5:58, about half an hour before breakfast would be served in the dining hall.

"What to do..." April mumbled to herself, running her hands down her blazer in a sad attempt to flatten the crinkled fabric. After contemplating her limited choices, she remembered a little trick she had heard in school once.

"Hopefully this works..." April murmured, taking off her uniform and hanging it up on the outer edge of the shower rod. She cranked the water up to a warm temperature and waited patiently.

After a minute or so, the bathroom was filled with hot steam.

"Might as well take a quick shower while I'm at it."

April hopped into the stall, sighing with pleasure as the steaming water relaxed her muscles. Unfortunately, April didn't have time to waste bathing in the pleasant warmth of her shower. Brushing the wet hair out of her eyes, April glanced at the shower caddy, scanning the various bottles lining the shelves. She hoped that Mira wouldn't mind her borrowing some shampoo and conditioner for the time being.

Quickly, April grabbed a bottle, squeezing its contents into her open hand, then began running her hands through her hair, lathering it nicely. She was greeted by a pleasant- if not slightly overwhelming- smell of cotton candy.

April finished her shower and turned off the water before realizing she didn't have a towel to dry herself off. She debated trying to hop from bath mat to bath mat to the closet in order to retrieve one, however, she was soaking wet, and would inevitably coat the bathroom floor with unneeded water.

"What the hell am I thinking?" April laughed to herself. "I can just do this! Maybe."

She envisioned herself being enveloped by a warm dull flame, just hot enough to dry off herself and not cause a massive fire in the girls' dorm. With a snap of her fingers, April felt a warm tingling sensation wrap around her body, starting first at her toes, then sparking up to her head. April's body was moderately dry, but to her dismay, her hair remained somewhat damp. Although she knew it would probably dry quickly, April was not looking forward to having frizzy and messy hair for the rest of the day.

April checked on her uniform hanging outside the shower. They were in much better condition than before and the wrinkles were now barely visible. Once more, she smoothed out the fabric before slipping it back on, careful not to stretch out the material unnecessarily.

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