That's All I Needed To Hear

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“You expect me, Parvati, to go in a tank with sharks!?”

“No,” Justin yelped, “I expect you to go in a tank of sharks with me.”

My laughs were discontinued as I ran my drenched palms down my sleek mahogany hair. 

Getting over a one day sickness was one thing I could barely do, and now I was going to be swimming around with human eating monsters that could at any given moment think of me as a snack rather than a friend. I awkwardly shuffled away from the shark tank; Justin's playful orbs teasing me.

“No tomorrow, not now, not in the future, not ever.” I said confidently, shaking my hair back and forth in a riveting motion that made me somewhat dizzy.

“Relationships are built on trust, are you saying you don't trust me?” Justin asked with a pout, something that didn't effect me at all.

“Yes!” I shouted, “that is exactly what I'm saying!”

He planted his palm over his chest, supposedly over his heart as he feigned being hurt.

“You're dumb,” I noted, catching his hand and putting it on the other side of his chest where his heart really was.

“And you're scared,” he mocked.

“I rather be scared than dumb,” I retorted. “Besides, I thought this whole bet scheme was about showing me the best thirty days of my life, not killing me!”

“And I plan on showing you the best thirty days of your life, and if you don't see what I'm doing here with you, than you're the dumb one in this relationship.” He argued, though a smile etched onto his face while he did so.

My stomach churned uncomfortably at the way he stated 'relationship.' Although I didn't know if it were a good churning, or bad, it still effected me one way or another.

“So, are you two love birds swimming today or not?” The grumpy old man interrupted whilst putting emphasize on love birds.

“Yes,” Justin beckoned, grasping my hand in a tight intertwine.

“No!” I bellowed, trying my best to rip away from his stealthy grip. 

Running on the treadmill obviously didn't build your strength, Parvati - my mind shot at me.

Something unexpected happened after that, something I never really opted to happen. I felt his warm, muscular hands wrap around my waist and the ground underneath me slowly dispersed. Being me, I felt my mind become wasted in thoughts of him and I didn't recognize the signs of what would happen next. He gathered me upwards and I immediately forced my legs around his waist once my mind became sober.

“Please, please, please no!” I whispered in a fleeting plead that I knew wouldn't work.

The one thing I learned about Justin Bieber was that when he had his mind set on something, he had his mind set and that was it. 

“Plug your nose, baby, you wouldn't want to swallow the water.” In one way it sounded almost sweet and polite, but on the other hand it also head a venomous reciprocation. But nonetheless, my heart quickened at the way he said baby in the most inevitably sexiest way possible. 

Suddenly, the chill of water enveloped me in a sudden heart attack and I knew what was lingering around us. I cuddled into his chest; not because I wanted too - but because of the blood thirty animals that didn't fathom what was food and what was not.

“Why couldn't we just swim with dolphins!” I cooed into his bare shoulder that was the only thing that left warmth. 

“Because you need to trust me,” he whispered back softly as I felt him walk around the water slowly.

Open your goddamn eyes, Parvati. Just live! I shouted at myself; the little arguments I had with myself making me believe I was crazy. 

Peeking my eye open, I saw a gray pigmentation drift under the shallow water. Squeaking, I pushed my face into the crook of Justin's neck for coverage. 


I felt Parvati's body pull tighter into mine and as usual, goosebumps formulated onto my arms, not being caused by the chilled water that engulfed us. 

“See, this isn't so bad, is it?” I whispered gently, rubbing the small of her back comfortably.

In the last seven days of being together, she hadn't ever been this comfortable in touching me, or in reverse. 

Maybe I should bring her swimming with sharks more often, I thought with a muffled laugh.

“I guess not,” she agreed. 

“So do you trust me?” I questioned.

“Yes,” she mumbled quietly.

“What did you say? I didn't hear you.” I lied.

“Yes, I trust you.” She said through clenched teeth.

“That's all I needed to hear,” I said before dunking under the water unexpectedly.

Opening my eyes, I realized she had too, and we both laughed as bubbles rose to the top. Parvati looked around and as a shark drifted by, she placed her hand on it's side and trailed her fingertips across it's scaly surface.

She trusted me.


On day seven, he brought me to a shark tank and forced me into it.

And the result: I ended up trusting him.

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