Chapter 2

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Oswald awoke the next day with cotton mouth, a blinding headache and a feeling of self loathing. Oswald felt pathetic. After Ed stormed off Oswald had raged and continued to drink into the early morning. He drank then smashed bottle after bottle on his walls, his moods swinging from anger at Ed to self loathing, until he eventually collapsed onto the small lounge in his office. He got a few hours sleep before the sunlight glaring through his office woke him. Oswald had tried to maneuver himself into a comfortable position however sleeping comfortably on his small office couch has been goal he is yet to accomplish. So Oswald laid there, with his eyes pressed closed, his injured leg throbbing painfully and his back aching, regretting every life choices that lead him here.

Oswald finally decided to risk getting up and had begun to cautiously sit up when in walked Ivy. Ivy had come into her own over the years, her relationship with Oswald helping mold her into the woman she was today, and today she was one of the most feared villains in Gotham. However to Oswald she will always be the annoying little sister he never had, nor wanted. “Pengy what have I told you about sleeping at the office” Oswald rolled his eyes at her comment and grumbled “Unless you have brought strong coffee you can just turn around and walk back out”. Ivy giggled “Nope, but I brought something better” then she gently placed a thermos and a bottle of water on the coffee table next the couch. Oswald sat up and uncapped the thermos to take a cautionary sniff. It smelled revolting, but knowing Ivy it will work wonders so Oswald quickly swallowed the whole concoction. Instantly the contents of his stomach began to crawl back up his throat, but he was determined to avoid that indignity. Oswald took several deep breaths willing the urge away. It wasn’t long before the nausea settled and the pain in his head, leg and back reduced significantly.

Oswald was sipping at the water, watching Ivy fiddle with the stationary on his desk when the thought suddenly occurred to him “How did you find out”. He couldn’t believe it took him this long but blamed the state he was in when she arrived. Despite their long standing relationship Ivy isn’t a frequent visitor at his club. She has her own life and goals to accomplish, no longer the girl in an adult body seeking guidance and friendship, and is not likely to just show up at the club toting a hangover cure for old times sake. Ivy giggled “A little birdie told me”  Oswald glared at her “Fine” she huffed “Zsasz messaged me last night” Oswald was furious. How dare Victor get involved in his personal affairs. “Victor should learn to keep his nose out of my business” Oswald practically growled. Ivy rolled her eyes “Seriously Pengy?” Your office is trashed” She looked over the office, pointing out all the glass and broken items on the floor. “Your staff are all on edge, there are rumors flying about The Riddler storming out of the Iceberg Lounge, and you still have a hole in the middle of the club.” Ivy stood up and crossed her arms and stared down disapprovingly at Oswald, using her height and Oswald’s position on the couch to full advantage “Zsasz just doesn’t want to have to deal with the cleanup after some unfortunate staff member gets gutted for saying something mildly annoying.” Oswald knew she was right. With the state he was in, if she hadn’t shown up, he probably would have killed someone today out of misplaced raged. He had enough problems without burning through his own resources. Ivy walked over to sit next to him “Just try to be grateful for once” Oswald rolled his eyes “Fine”. Ivy gave Oswald a sympathetic smile “So do you want to talk about it?” Oswald seriously thought about it, but decided he given Edward Nygma enough of his time “Not really” Ivy nodded “You know where I am if you want to talk.” As Ivy was heading out the door she offered “You know... I could always flood his HQ with a deadly toxin” Oswald couldn’t fight the fond smile that graced his face at her comment. He may have never wanted a little sister, but after years of not being able to dislodge her from his life, he certainly appreciates having one “Thank you Ivy. I’ll keep that in mind”

The solution to the clubs repairs issues came to him after Ivy left. Ivy's visit had reminded him of the early years with his freak family, before they each went off to do their own things. Oswald has always been a sentimentalist. Oswald made a few calls and everything was organised. His old friend Bridget Pike visited the local liquor distributor who offered to restock the Iceberg Lounge, free of charge, in exchange for fire insurance. While dear Victor Fries created an intricate ice wall to replace the missing wall, which would be a feature attraction while repairs were underway. Victor’s ice features have always drawn a crowd. Of course, the remainder of the wall and the debris had to be removed to facilitate this so Oswald contacted his regularly contractor. The contractor was happy to clean up the debris today and complete the repairs on the promise of future payment and continued employment, it also didn’t hurt that Zsasz paid a visit to the contractors wife.

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