(Yandere)O/C x (Savior)Crushx(Victim) Reader

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O/C: Old Crush
Italics: thoughts

Your POV:
I made my way down the school halls, my books in one arm. Where is everyone? The hallways were empty. The usual stampede of students that appear during passing period was nowhere to be found. The only sign that indicated there was anyone here was just a horrible smell, which hopefully isn't coming from any human activity.

I walked into my homeroom. Huh. It's empty. Not even the teacher is here. Is there no school today or something? I swear if this is a prank...

I walked back out into the hallways and stood there for a moment. Still, there is no one to be found lingering around. What's happening? Ugh, this smell is just getting worse as travel deeper into the school. Did the janitor quit? I mean I would if I had to deal with annoying high school students.

I decided to go to the Main office at the front of the school to see if anyone was there.

As I got closer I saw a trail of something red leading into the Principal's office, blood? Ha sure. Whoever planned this prank is really weird if this is how they're trying to scare me.

I turned the doorknob. Once I got sight of what was inside, I automatically screamed.


There were bodies everywhere, stacked on top of each other, thrown to the side and on top of side tables. They all had blood splattered on their clothes.

I looked at there faces. And then I paled. I ran over to the familiar face and choked back a sob, "B/F/N?"

I got up with rage, "WHO DID THIS?!? WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS?"

I looked at all of their faces hoping I wouldn't see C/N's.

"Y/N, Y/N are you ok?"

I jumped and looked at the door. Oh, thank God it's just O/C/N.

Old Crush's POV:
I walked over to Y/N hugging her as she cried into my shoulder.

I finally have her all to myself. After all this work I managed to kill everyone in the school one by one. And it was all worth it. Y/N is so beautiful and smart I fell in love with her the moment I laid my eyes on her.

But sadly for her, this isn't enough.

"I'm sorry Y/N," I whispered as I tied her hands behind her back.

"O/C/N what are you-" and then I pulled the bag over her head grinning.

"You are finally mine my sweet Y/N."

She panicked as I grabbed her by the arms and pulled her down the school hallways. She started screaming really loudly but there was no one that could hear her.

"No one can hear you Y/N they are all Dead," I said.

She started crying. I loved the sound of her screams and cries. Who knows, maybe I'll be able to turn it into a tape...

Your POV:
What is happening? Why is O/C/N doing this? What have I done to him? I stopped fighting him and just cried. He's probably going to kill me and I'm too weak to stop him. 

Crush's POV:
I heard a scream as I rushed down the hallways of the school. I've known about O/C/N's plan since yesterday but I didn't know he would actually start it today. I thought I would have time to warn everyone after seeing his plans in his folder that he left at my house. I can't believe I'm too late.

I still have a chance to save one person though. Y/N. I don't know what I would do if she died, knowing I could've saved her. I need to save her in time or else I might die too.

I turned a corner and there stood O/C/N in front of me. He had Y/N by the arm and there was a bag over her head. He quickly pulled out a knife from his jacket which was all bloody.

"C/N I request that you leave unless you want to get killed," He said with a sadistic grin, twirling his knife in the air like a toy, 

"Well actually, too late!" he lunged at me, his knife pointed straight for my chest. 

I sidestepped out of the way as all his momentum made him fly right onto the ground. I grabbed the knife that he dropped and used the butt of it to swiftly hit him on the head, knocking him out.

I walked over to Y/N who was just standing there shaking with no idea of what was happening.

I grabbed her arm and tried to untie the string but she started struggling away from me.

"Y/N it's just me C/N," I assured her.

I untied her hands and took the bag off of her head.

She was crying when she looked up at my face.

"Y/N thank god you're safe. I don't know what I would do without you," I hugged her.

She smiled at me, "Thank you for saving me C/N."

After a while, the police came and took O/C away. We had to clear everything up and identify all the teachers' and students' bodies. I felt so bad for Y/N. After all, she has been through a lot thanks to that bastard.

Y/N and I went to her house and I stayed in her room with her because she was too scared to be alone. Of course, O/C chose a time when Y/N's parents weren't home to execute his plan, but I will always be here to protect her from now on.

I love you Y/N.

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