Shopping in diagon alley

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Since you're technically some sort of royalty, you already have robes to cover yourselves when you go out. You and your mother put one on and go to the leaky cauldron to meet Hagrid. He's like a sort of body guard and he also draws some attention away from you both.

"What would you like to get first honey?" Y/m/n asks sweetly

"An owl! No, a wand! No, a spell book! No no ok a wand! Let's go and get a wand!"

You walk into olivanders and are taken over by the vast amount of wands. Every single corner and wall taken up; there's not a single one the same as another.  "Wow" you gasp

Without introduction your hit with the words "this ones been wriggling in the box since you walked onto the street." From the man behind the counter. You give a sincere warm smile and pick up the wand. It fits in your hand like a glove. "Give it a try" he says. You remember your mum using a sort of light spell when you were younger at night

"Lumos" you say gently. A gleam of light appears at the end of your wand and you grin from ear to ear. "Thank you" you smile and wave cheerfully as you walk through the door. It was a beautiful wand.

As you step out you bash into a bleach blond haired boy

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As you step out you bash into a bleach blond haired boy. "Watch where you're going otherwise yo-" he stops mid sentence realising who you are.

"I am so sorry" you say while pulling your hood back up "I'm clumsy sometimes" you smile then walk away leaving him with the most awkward smile you may have ever seen. 'Well that was embarrassing, and not even on my part' you think to yourself.

(There's a part 2 to this)

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