How to Enter

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So here is the long-awaited chapter: how to enter into the 2017 Summer Awards!

Here's how to enter:

1. Follow this account and my "mother" account, thatpandasbff. I know this seems tedious and unnecessary, but this book is meant to discover undiscovered talent. It would be easier for me to do that with more followers.

2. Add this book to your library and a public reading list so you can get updates on the book.

3. Fill out the form via private message to me (NOT my mother account). I will accept entries through the comments, but pm-ing me would be so much easier than comments. Thank you guys for cooperating. :D

4. Your story must have at least 3 published chapters. If it does not have 3 published chapters, the story must be marked as completed. If the book is in short story, however, it is also allowed to have less than 3 chapters. But all other categories must have at least 3 chapters.

5. Stories must be your own property (unless you are nominating someone, then it must be their own property) and must be fully available on Wattpad (no excerpts).

If you read the rules, add a heart (<3 or ❤) to the end of your form please :)


Have you filled all of the requirements?*
How did you hear about the Seasonal Awards?*

* = required

Have fun and good luck!

A/N: Unfortunately, the Teen Fiction, Short Story, Fantasy, Poetry, Romance, and Mystery/Thriller categories are closed. There are 10 entries in the categories, which is the maxium number of entries available per category. I'm so sorry, guys! However, if you still would like to enter, you can enter your book under another category (ex: General Fiction). Or if you would like to wait until September 1st, we will have another awards opening up called the Autumn Awards. Again, I'm so sorry guys!

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