Chapter 5


I looked at the celling and drew invisible circles with my finger. I hate being on punishment. When I came home that day my parents were on me like a white on rice. They grounded me for a week. Simone was mad too about me ditching her but when I told her what happened lets just say she stopped. I haven't heard from Ramon all week and it sucks. I can't wait til tommorow when this punishment is OVER!

"Rose come down here!" my mom yelled from down stairs.

I huffed and dragged myself down stairs. I saw my mom next to the front door looking impatient. My mom can sometimes act like a spoil brat. As the preacher's wife my mom gets treated like she's a freaking queen. Don't get me wrong I love my mom but she can act like a rich bitch at times.

"Rose, Simone is here to talk to you. I'm cooking right now so go talk outside" she said and walked away. I walked outside on the porch and saw Simone rocking back and forth looking bored.

"Hey Mo, what's up?" I asked siting down on the porch swing.

She let out a huff and pointed towards a black car in the drive that I just now noticed. I looked closely at the car and saw that is was Ramon's. What was he doing here.

"What about it?" I asked confused.

"That boy has been asking non stop about you. Please talk to him so he can leave me alone!" she said in a fake exhausted voice. I just nodded and grinned and walked to the passengar side of the car. I got in the car and was hit by the cologne that Ramon always wears. He smelt so good I just wanted to snuggle in it.

"Well hello absent girlfriend" he said grinning. I blushed when he said girlfriend I still have to get use to that. He reached over and shorked my cheek with his thumb. 

"I love it when you blush" he said deeply. I blushed harder if possible.

He chuckled. "Why haven't you been answering my calls?" he said seriously.

"My mom took away my phone as a punshiment" I said pouting. 

"You better stop pouting before I bite your lips off." he whisphered in my ear. I immediately stopped. Why does he have to say things like that to me.

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