Chapter eight

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Angel's POV

My eye twitched as the twins just chuckled. I was so close to standing up and pulling them up by their ears. I was about to do that when someone stepped into the living room where we were still sitting in.

The man was tall but not as tall as the twins. He was built just like all the others and he looked very similar to the twins, although older and while the twins had beautiful blue eyes his were a sparkling green.

"Hello everyone, and who might this small stranger be?" he greeted everyone and looked at me with curiousity.

"Hi dad, she's our mate, Angel," Xavier greeted the man. So he is their dad then and the former Alpha, obviously a werewolf.

He smiled at me warmly and I smiled shyly back.

"Nice to meet you, Angel. My name is Thomas Slade."

"It's nice to meet you too, Thomas."

"You're not a wolf but you're not a human either, am I correct?"

"Yes, that's correct. I'm an elf."

All except the twins looked surprised.

"You're an elf??" Lisa practically screamed at me. Everyone except me winced at the high piched voice.

"That's interesting."

I tilted my head at Thomas.

"What's interesting?"

"Elves have been off radar for quite some time now, I didn't think they existed any more."


Thomas sat next to Katherine and put his arms around her waist, much like the twins were doing to me.

"So how did you three meet?"

I saw how the twins' faces went red and it didn't go unnoticed by the others.

"Boys... what did you do?"

"W-why do you think we did anything, father?" They were very nervous by now and even their ears were red.

Thomas just narrowed his eyes at them.

Both boys gulped while the others stared at them expectantly.

The twins turned to me, their eyes pleading. But no, I'm not going to fall for their cute puppy-act.

"Nope, I'm not gonna help you. That's what you get for what you did."

Thomas now turned to me, seeing as he didn't get an answer from the boys.

He sighed.

"Angel, what did they do?"

"They kidnapped me," I said it pretty nonchalantly while looking at my nails.


"Kidnapped me."

"Oh my poor poor little Angel."

And then I was yanked out of the twins' hold and crushed into a bear hug by Chris who was rubbing my back comfortingly.

"Oh, I can't even imagine how horrible it must have been to get kidnapped by them. Just look at their ugly faces, I would have nightmares for a long time if I got kidnapped by someone who is so ugly. Horrible, just horrible. Oh my poor little Angel, you have gone through such awful things but don't worry, I'm here now-"

He was cut off by two angry growls and the twins yanking me back into their chests.


They glared at everyone while I just stood there awkwardly.

They were still growling a few minutes later, so I put my hands on theirs and started to rub circles with my thumbs.

They turned, so that Xander was facing my front while Xavier faced my back and they nuzzled my neck again, trying to calm down.

I leaned into Xavier while raising my hand onto Xander's chest, beginning to rub circles on his chest while their faces were still hidden in my neck.

Suddenly I felt Xander's chest vibrate like it did when he was growling but he wasn't growling at the moment. He was... purring? Is he actually purring right now?? He's like a kitten purring like that and the thought made me giggle.

Hearing my giggle, Xavier's chest began vibrating too and soon they were both purring and rubbing their noses into my neck.

It made me giggle even more and soon I was snorting, trying to hold in the laughter that wanted to escape.

The twins finally raised their heads and looked at me curiously, still purring.

"Why are you giggling and trying to hold in your laughter, little one, what's so funny?"

I couldn't hold in the laughter any more so I just burst out laughing while everyone in the room looked at me weirdly.

"Y-you... guys... are... pu.purring... like... k-kittens." I barely got out between laughs.

Everybody leaned closer and soon were laughing too once they heard that the twins were purring indeed.

Their faces and ears went red from their embarrassment and the purring stopped abruptly. They hid their flaming faces in my neck and whined quietly.
"We weren't purring, we're not little kittens, we're wolves, big ones at that," they grumbled.

I faked sadness and made it look like I was about to cry. Sue me, I wanted to know what they'll do!

"W-why did you stop purring, I liked it..." and looked at them with glassy eyes, pouting a little.

They looked at me wide-eyed and went into panic mode.

"No no, don't cry Angel, we'll purr if you want to, just don't cry, please."

"Okay!" I said chirpily.

They relaxed once they saw my happy face.

I looked at them expectantly.

The twins looked at each other embarrassed, brows furrowed.

I pouted a little and asked them sadly: "Won't you purr for me?"

They looked at me desperately.

"Little one, we're not sure how we did that purring sound so we don't know how to do it again."

"Oh," I mumbled sadly while fiddling with my fingers.

They put their heads into my neck again and nuzzled my neck comfortingly.

"Don't be sad princess, please."

I once again leaned into Xavier's chest and then I got an idea.

I hesitantly raised my hands and rested them on Xander's chest again.

The twins were still nuzzling my neck trying to calm me so that I wouldn't cry again. I started rubbing random patterns on Xander's chest and soon he began purring again.

The sound made me giggle once again and Xavier began purring too.

Everyone else in the room awed at us but the twins payed them no mind and continued purring and holding me.

It was nice and quiet because the others left the room quietly so that it was just us three in the middle of the room.

But the comfy silence didn't last long because a phone rang.

More importantly, MY phone rang.

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