#9 How He Asks You Out

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Finnick: Finnick was in a full panic before asking you out. You both had been friends for a while and you had never caught on with his flirting, thinking it was just a part of his personality. Finnick tried again and again but kept backing out last second. This was rare for Finnick who is usually confident with women. You were the exception. Once he finally racked up the nerve and asked you out that day on the beach, you were surprised that it had taken him so long. You said yes and it was like a weight lifted off of his chest. You were both thrilled and it led to a beautiful and blooming new relationship.

Peeta: Peeta hadn't made his affection very obvious. He only ever watched you from afar and talked to you shortly. You picked up on the starring but never said anything to him. Until one day after school you saw him standing outside of the school blatantly starring st you. "Okay what's the deal?" You asked him. "What?"
"I mean what is with all of the starring all the time?" You cross your arms over your chest. Peeta cleared his throats before responding, "I like you (Y/n)" Peeta finally gets the courage to look up at you. When he does he can see the grin on his face. "So you gonna ask me out?"

Cato: "When are you gonna let me ask you out?" Cato asks, in the middle of practice. "What is my answer every time Cato?" You ask. "Not until I have come back and won the games so you are not a distraction to me." He repeats for the thousandth time. "That's right." You challenge him with your sword hoping he would drop the subject. He doesn't he drops his sword and turns to face you. "(Y/n), what if I don't come back? What if I can never come back and ask you out? I don't want to miss this opportunity." He stepped closer and brushed away a piece of hair that had escaped my ponytail. You think for a minute, his hand still resting on your face. You open your eyes and grin up at him. "Ask me again."

Gale: You knock softly on the door and set down the basket trying to run away before anyone could get to the door. "Hey!" Someone yells getting you to stop and turn around. Gale. "So it's you? You're the one who's been leaving food for us?" Gale looks surprised. "Yeah." You run a hand through your hair. "Why?" He asks. "I knew you guys needed help and I am able to. I never showed myself because I didn't want your family to feel indebted to me" You shrug. Gale smiles slightly. "Wow. After all this time I never would've guessed it was you." Gale says in disbelief. "Can I at least take you on a date for all that you've done for me and my family?" "I'd love that."


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