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You were currently sitted in a caravan,waiting for Ignis to finish cooking.Noctis and Gladiolus was somewhere else,which you hardly cared about since your stomach was practically begging for food.Before you could call Ignis,you heard your name being called.

"Tell me something.You like Noct right?" Prompto asked,his voice slightly louder than usual.

"Lower down your voice! What if Ignis and the rest hears!" your face took a shade of red.

"It's okay,(Y/N).The only person who is unknown of your feelings is Noct." before you could say another word,Ignis beat you to it. "It was obvious.Gladio and I always wonder when you would tell us."

You could have swore a smirk formed on Ignis face before he returned to cooking.Turning your attention back to the blonde,you slowly muttered under your breath. "Yeah...I love him.What's wrong with that?"

"No..nothing is wrong with it.Just wondering why you agreed to follow.Wouldn't it be painful when you heard Noct's reason?" Prompto's words caused a bitter smile to form on your face.

You only stared at him,the same thoughts resurfaced. "Well...I'm not allowed to have this feeling anyway.It won't matter.I will get him wherever he wants,safely.I will make sure he is in one piece."

Rather than a sentence,it was more of an oath to keep you from telling him your feelings.And it was obvious to the two males as you heard them sigh.

"If you can't take it anymore,just tell us.We will be here for you."

You nodded at their words before you see a plate being presented to you. "For now,let's eat and get ready for tomorrow."

Noctis entered the caravan and brought the food outside.After everyone was gathered at the table,you just sat and ate,laughing at the occasional jokes that appeared.From the side,Noctis watched your expression,noticing the familiar smile crowding your expression.

"What's wrong Noctis?" you asked,noticing the stare the male was giving you.

"Nothing." he placed his attention back to his food,even the Prince was filled with questions.

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