Never make friends with crazy

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October 29th, 2012, 7:35am

Sacramento, Strawberry manor neighborhood, 30 feet from an elementary school

The fog cast the surrounding light of the crime scene in an eerie gray, slightly bothering Roger as he parked the car behind the slew of patrol cars. Tibbs got out first, holding a case file from earlier in the week. Roger followed soon after, steeling himself for what he was about to see. The CSI staff were milling around the body, taking pictures. It was a grisly crime scene, with blood all over the nearby sidewalk.

"Hey Jasmine! What's shakin' girl?" called out Tibbs to the woman in the white lab coat who was taking pictures of the blood trail by a victim's head. The investigator looked up at Tibbs and frowned.

"It's a nasty one, newbie," she replied.

"They always are, ma'am," said Roger. He looked at Tibbs. Tibbs took the drawing out of his folder.

"See this mark on any of the victims?" asked Tibbs as he held up the drawing.

The other two investigators walked over to the line of tape where Roger and Tibbs had stopped. They looked at the drawing. One of the investigators squinted. He took off his ballcap. "Yes, sir. It's on the female vic and one of the male vics," said the investigator.

"It's not on vic number three," said the other investigator.

"Hmm, how weird is that?" said the first investigator. "If it's the same guy, why not mark all three vics?"

"I can think of two reasons," said Detective Ortega as he waddled over. "The perp got scared off before he could make the mark, or the pimp and lady were his targets and the third guy was just unlucky." He reached down and lifted the tape up. "You're up, boys."

"Yes, detective," Roger responded. He and Tibbs ducked under the tape sealing off the scene and walked over to one of the bodies. They put on their gloves.

Jasmine slung her camera to the side and said, "Work your magic on this one first," as she lifted up the plastic tarp, revealing a black woman in her late 20's. Her left cheek had a trapezoid carved or burned into it, with three lines going from top to bottom inside it. The woman's makeup was smeared a bit on her right cheek. Her lifeless face gave Tibbs a shudder. Roger remained stoic as he put on his gloves and touched her forehead.

A small time portal partially opened up above the body, showing them a view of her life around eight hours ago. It showed she was walking. It was at night, and she passed by some streetlights. Streetlights and a fence that clearly looked like the school they were close to. After ten seconds, the bubble closed. Roger took a deep breath.

"We knew she was a streetwalker already," said Detective Ortega.

"At least we know now she wasn't killed eight hours ago," said Roger as he got up and walked over to the body in the middle.

"This guy's got a record a mile long," said Detective Ortega. "I recognized him from Vice's files the moment I saw the face."

"It's hard out here for a pimp, detective," said TIbbs.

"Let's find out how hard," said Roger as he put his gloved hand on the male victim's head. The time window opened up. The view was of the inside of a car, with a brown wood colored dashboard and two hula girl bobbleheads by the bottom of their view. Out the windshield, they could see a woman walking down the street. The clothes and heels resembled the first victim. The window closed after ten seconds.

"So he was keeping an eye on her," said the detective. "But this doesn't seem to be helping much."

"We now know his car is hella tacky," said Tibbs. He looked around, then pointed. "I bet it's that one by the corner."

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