Notes: This is relevant to one of Vanoss' episodes where he does Super hero try outs. Thanks to BlizzEquinox for giving me Deliriouses real name, You Rock!

"Vanoss! Vanoss help!" Evan made the bike do a U-turn while he sped off to the place Jonathan was in.

"Don't worry civilian! I'll save you." He hit the fence and fell off while the car exploded before Jonathan could get out.


"You mother fucker! Why didn't you save me?!" Jonathan yelled, spawning a block away.

"Quiet, Delirious, I'm doing my inner monologue."

'It was then I decided, Los Santos needs a hero.'

"Shut the fuck up." Jonathan then shot him, and he died. He spawned on the other side of town.

Oh well, he'd get him next time.

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