A Billionaire's Desire

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Salina is a young innocent English beauty.

Demetrius POV:

"I had fallen for the innocent beauty but this angry blazing beauty enticed me. She looked ravishing. Her shyness had made me thought that she had totally taken after her English mother but this display of emotions showed that there was Greek blood circulating under the English demure. I grabbed her with a sudden jolt and pulled her towards me. Her soft breast collided with my hard muscular chest and I decended my mouth on her."

Demetrious is a ruthless Greek businesses man. He owns and controls a huge business empire. At the age of 29, he has achieved a lot and has many friends and enemies. With all this richness and dashing Greek personality he looks like a Greek God, there are super models and most beautiful women who desired him and are falling at him & in his bed.

But Demetrious values and enjoys his freedom and discards women aside till the day he receives a phone call from a country farm house he had forgotten all about.

Author: HinaShahjehan

Status: Completed

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