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Another update because I love yall (:

"Do you even know how to smoke?" Jahseh asked as I choked on the rolled up blunt uncontrollably.

When I was finished coughing, I past him back the blunt and patted my chest.

"Yes I know how to smoke. This is just some different kind of weed" I told him as he took it out of my hand and took a drag from it.

We were currently sitting in my backyard smoking a blunt he had offered me since the both of us were extremely bored with nothing to do on this boring wednesday.

It was was going on 7 o'clock, which meant the sun was beginning to set and my mom would be home in an hour, so I had to make sure I got inside and sprayed myself off before she got off of work.

"Question" I said looking over at the pool water that sparkled beneath the sun.

He looked over at me while slowly exhaling the smoke out from his lips.

"How come we don't have each other's numbers?" I asked him.

"Not in that kind of way... But you know like since we're friends now.." I then added.

He shrugged his shoulders.

"Maybe because we live right next door to each other" He said.

"Yeah but like, I like to have all my friend's numbers stored into my phone just in case of emergencies and stuff" I told him.

He nodded his head understanding before pulling out his phone, unlocking it then handing it to me.

I typed in my number then saved it as Next door neighbor Tay😎. When I gave him his phone back, he looked at it then laughed probably because of how long it was.

He past me back the blunt and I took another drag. Just as I was blowing the smoke out through my nose we heard a car door close from the front of my yard.

We looked at each other and I quickly put the blunt out, knowing that it was my mom.

I wasn't sure what she was doing home so early but I was freaking out. I handed the blunt back to Jahseh and stood up.

He stood up as well and shoved it into his pocket.

"Do I smell like weed?" I asked him coming closer to him so that he could get a smell.

He sniffed near my shoulder then shook his head.


"Okay, lets go"

I led the way to the front yard and approached my mom as she got her bags out the back seat, then closed that door as well.

"Hey mom" I said causing her to look over at Jahseh and I.

"Hey Taylor, and... Jahseh?" She said looking between the both of us slightly confused.

"Hows it going Ms.Williams?" He asked her.

"Great. How are you two doing?" She asked as we followed her up to the driveway.

"We were just sitting in the backyard talking. What are you doing home so early?"

"Someone took over my shift so I was free to go" She said.

"Okay well me and Jahseh are gona go for a walk or something" I told her.

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