Chapter 3️⃣

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Recap: Closing my eyes because of the brightness I rapidly blinked before opening my eyes only to see that the room was pitch black.

"Wha- why did you switch the lights back off?!" I questioned as I was utterly confused.

Oh my god! Is he planning on raping me? is he gonna kidnap me? Or does know who I am and I did something to someone close to him and he is gonna take revenge.

"I did not switch off the lights. I think it's a power cut?" The anonymous boy answered.

"Uhh! Turn on your phone's flashlight, dimwit." Grumbling cuss words under my breath, unlocking my phone, my legs dragged themselves over to the anonymous boy.

"My phone died!" The guy exclaimed in a monotone.

Groaning my fingers fumbled with my iPhone 7 before switching on the flash light. My hand automatically reaching for the guys hand before intertwining our fingers.

Ignoring the strange feeling bubbling up inside me, I dragged the boy out of my room and started walking towards the stairs.

"Why do you need to hold my hand?" The guy questioned.

I sighed before answering "Well, your an anonymous boy who had broke my window's lock with a rock-"

"You noticed that?" He interrupted.

"Oh! I did not notice that. But do you know what I noticed? Your
Annoying as hell and I also noticed that your a woman." Sarcastically, I answered before tugging him down the stairs.

"Ugh." he groaned. "I am not a woman ok, do I need to prove it to you."

Shrugging, I nodded.
"I guess."

Oh god why the hell did I nod and say I guess! I wonder if he gonna say or do anything?

The guy mumbled an okay.
Once we had reached the bottom of the stairs, I was spun around and was pinned to the wall. Before I could process the sudden movement guy engulfed me with a kiss. It was a sweet and gentle kiss.

I slowly closed my eyes as his arms wrapped around my waist while mine automatically wrapped around his neck pulling him closer to me. Our lips moved in sync as he pulled me so close that there was no distance left between us that even the smallest of the smallest flies could fly through.

Running out of oxygen we broke apart. Panting heavily.

What just happened?! Did he kiss me? A stranger kissed me?
Well, no shit Sherlock. Anyways, not like this is the first time I kissed a hot stranger.

Did I just say hot. The freakin' hell its so dark I can't even see his facial features how the hell do I know  if he is hot.
Wait? As far as I know this guy could be an old man! I should stop-

I was pulled out of my thoughts when I was pulled in to another kiss. He licked my lip asking for entrance which I had denied.

He smirked against my lips before his hands traveled down and squeezed my butt making me let out a muffled scream and open my mouth.

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