Beach Boys (Cameron Dallas & Carter Reynolds)

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Jasmine's POV

"Let's go to the beach!" I heard Cameron yell, as I looked over at him, and I giggled. He smirked at me, and winked.

"Jasmine your not going" I heard Nash say. I pouted.

"Why not?" I asked. I'm 18 and Nash is 16, but he still treats me like he's older than me.

"Because I said so" he said, as I got angry. I hate when people use that excuse I want to punch them in the face. I rolled my eyes, and sighed.

"C'mon man! Let her have fun" I heard Cameron say. I bit my lip, stopping myself from smiling.

"I'm hungry" I heard Carter say. I giggled, as i looked around and saw Carter.. naked? I screamed and put a pillow over my face to prevent seeing that again, and to hide my flushed face.

"Aww c'mon Jasmine, I know you enjoyed it" he said, as I shook my head, and turned even redder.

"Put some clothes on!" I heard Nash yell. I rolled my eyes. God, he's so protective. "Jasmine.. I want to speak with you" he said.

"Okay mother" I said, as I stood up and walked past Cameron. I felt his eyes on me. I turned around and he was starring at my butt while he bit his lip. "Eyes up here" I said, as he quickly looked up, and awkwardly giggled. I smirked and continued to walk up the stairs.

"Jasmine I really want you to go.."

"Yay! Thank you so much!" I yelled, as I tightly hugged him and had the biggest smile on my face. "Yay!" I screamed in the hallway and hugged the first person I saw. Shawn.

"Someone's a morning person" he mumbled, as I kissed his cheek and tightly hugged him.

"I get to go! I finally get to go to the beach oh my god I thought this day would never come!" I laughed, as I was being a little over dramatic. I heard him laugh, and someone coughed. I turned around and saw Nash taping his foot. I backed away from Shawn, and he quickly left.

"I wasn't done" he said, as my smile dropped. "I really want you to go.. But do you know how many perverted people are there? I just don't want anything stupid happening to you" he said. This was the last straw.

"Look Nash, I hate to break it to you, but your not my boss of me. Who took care of you when mom and dad died? Me. Who cooked and clean while you played games? Me. Who payed the bills and worked 4 jobs? Me. You don't understand Nash, I am older than you I don't need to listen to you" I said calmly, but inside I was boiling.

"Then you can go" he said, as I saw the tears in his eyes. I now, felt incredibly bad.

"You know what? I don't want to go anymore. Your right I don't want anything happening to me" I said, as he looked up at me and smiled.

"I.. I just wanted to look out for you" he said. I hate when people cry, because when they cry, I cry. I felt the tears coming, as I hugged my brother. "I'm sorry" he said.

"No need to be sorry" I said, as I smiled and backed away.


"Please come to the beach!" I heard Cameron plead. I looked over at Nash and sighed. I was about to say no, but someone cut me off.

"She can go" I heard Nash say, as I gasped and turned around.

"Really?" I asked he nodded and smirked. I squealed as I hugged him and ran up the stairs to get changed. I put on a white bathing suit and wore my light blue shorts and my white baggy over top. I grabbed sandals and walked downstairs. I heard a couple of whistles, as I rolled my eyes.


As we were in the car, I put my long hair in a messy ponytail. I was sitting beside Cameron and Matthew. I was in the corner, and squished, so no one could see me.

"Who's excited?" I heard Taylor say. Everyone cheered, as I laughed. I looked over at Nash and gave him a smile.

"There's gonna be so much hot girls there!" I heard Carter yell. I rolled my eyes.

"Is that the only reason why you wanted to go?" I asked.

"No.. Yes" he said, as I playfully rolled my eyes at him. He winked at me, and then I felt someone's hand on my thigh. I jumped and looked down at the hand, and looked over my right. It was Cameron. To be brutally honest, I didn't mind. He kept his hand there, and it slowly started rising up, and I felt all sweaty.

"Here" Nash said, as I sighed in relief, as Cameron took his hand off of me.

"We'll continue this later" he whispered, as I started to blush like crazy.

"Wow Jasmine, your face is really red" Shawn said. As soon as he said that, everyone starred at me.

"It's really hot, are you hot?" I asked Cameron, as he smirked and nodded.

"Totally" he answered, as I rolled my eyes. After we found the right spot, I laid my towel on the very warm sand, and laid down on it.

"C'mon I want to swim with you" Someone said, as I looked up, and saw Carter. I smirked and sighed.

"I don't know, I mean I really need to-"

"Take your clothes off or you'll go in their fully clothed" he demanded. I rolled my eyes and smirked.

"I guess I'll go in for a while" I said, he he chuckled and bit his lip. I held my hand out, and he firmly grabbed it. He pulled me up, but he used a little too much muscle, and we were inches apart. I quickly backed away, and unbuttoned my shorts. He licked his lips, as I slid them down. I then, took my shirt off, revealing my tan stomach.

"Lord, I gotta have you know" he said, as he grabbed my hand and he pulled me away.

"Where are we going?" I asked.


"What's Cameron doing here?" I asked, as I was in this little house thing, I don't really know.

"C'mon babe" he said, as he smirked and walked up to me. He started to suck my neck, as I gasped.

"Cameron.." I started, then felt someone grab my butt, as I flinched and backed away. "Guys.." I started. Then I felt Cameron's lips on mine. It kinda relaxed me. I kissed back, and felt Carter unzip my bathing suit.

"We're going to have so much fun" Cameron said, as he winked, as I smirked, as I pulled his shorts down.



@whosjasmineanyway hope you liked it anyways.. haha(:


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