24 | "You look like you've just been mauled by a bear"

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I shot Noah a look as I filled Gracie's food and water bowl.

It was Monday morning and I had just woken up.

"You look particularly unpleasant this morning," Noah told me and I rolled my eyes,

"You sound particularly moody this morning",


"What's up your ass?" I asked Noah as I poured myself a bowl of cereal,

"There is absolutely no sign of Elliot and all of our leads are dead ends" he sighed, shaking his head.

I liked that I was finally being included in something instead of sitting around and seeing everyone come home hurt, having no idea what was happening.

"At least no one's dead?" I tried hesitantly,

"Yet" he sighed again, "Alex we have no idea what we're up against and if we have no idea what we're up against how am I supposed to protect everyone?" He groaned.

"We'll be okay Noah"

"How would you know that?"

"Because we always are"

He rolled his eyes at my optimism,

"Alex, I don't think you're hearing me, he's dangerous, he killed a man just to threaten us and if that doesn't scare you I don't know what will"

"Oh it's scary alright, you don't think I look over my shoulder every second of the day? Because when I came back here I had no idea I was getting into this" his eyes softened at that, "But we've been through a lot worse and if this guy is going to scare you, then that's not very assuring for the rest of us".

"I'm sorry" he said and I looked at him in confusion with a large mouthful of cereal in my mouth,

I am the epitome of classiness.

"For what?" I said in between mouthfuls,

"For dragging you into this" and I sighed,

"Noah I'm not stupid" he snapped his head  towards me, eyebrows furrowed.

"I know what being in a gang means and what dangers come with it, and I hope you know I wouldn't be standing here if you did drag me into this. My point is that nobody is going to make me do anything against my own will, it's my choice to be here and you can't blame yourself for that"

He smiled at me, "Have I ever told me how proud of you I am?"


"Well I'm not saying it again because you look like you've just been mauled by a bear, I mean seriously, go brush your hair".


"This Friday the football team are having a game, as the first game of the year you are all expected to attend" Monique ordered while pacing in front of us.

The whole scene reminded me a lot like an army where we were the soldiers and Monique was our leader,

"I'm hosting a party after at my place for our victory if we win, again, you are all expected to attend",

"If you want to" Mia added being the kind person she is, Monique shot her a look but didn't say anything more.

"So with that, get into positions!"

We trained till six o'clock that day, much longer than the football team.

"I'm going to pass out" Mia said as she grabbed my shoulder and doubled over trying to catch her breath. My legs shook; the only break we got was a ten-minute one halfway through the session and after all that exercise I don't blame her for wanting to.

I didn't hold for long as I tried to uphold Mia's weight as well as mine we came toppling down onto the grass neither one of us bothering to get up.

"How's it going down there?" Chase asked us, he was the only one left from the football team since Mia had to drop us home,

"If I die down here do you think the school will mind?" Mia asked Chase, as we were staring up into the sky where the sun was setting.

Mia and my legs were tangled beneath each other's and our arms were outstretched but our muscles didn't cooperate to move them.

Chase laughed at us, "Is our misery amusing to you, Chase?" I asked him with a glare,

"Very" he replied and offered his hands to us and we accepted, pulling ourselves up slowly.


"She hates me"


Mia, Megan, Noah and I were sitting on the couch while Gracie glared at Mia from the other couch where Megan was stroking her,

"I wonder why" I replied sarcastically and Mia rolled her eyes at me.

"So have you packed for next week?" Megan asked Noah,

"What's next week?" I asked confused,

Megan looked at Noah and then back at me until realisation dawned on her,

Then she hit the back of Noah's head.

"You idiot, you were supposed to tell her" Megan scolded him and he smiled sheepishly at me,

"Tell me what?" I asked, looking at Mia who looked like she knew what we were talking about,

I looked back at Noah and frowned, "Tell me what?" I repeated, this time slower.

"It's nothing too bad" Noah said, "It's just... Next week Megan, Dyl, Kyle, Liam and I are going out of town" I frowned,


"Elliot's being a pain in the ass and we can't find him with the stuff we have around here, Liam knows a guy who can help us out",

"You, Mia and Chase are going to stay here to continue school for the time being, we'll only be gone for four days, we're leaving on Friday so we'll be back on Tuesday" Megan finished.

Silence over lapsed us; everyone was waiting for my reaction.

What did they expect? 

I'd burst out in tears and throw a tantrum?

"Okay" I said casually,

"Okay?" Noah repeated,

"Yeah, okay but-"

"Who are you and what've you done with my sister?" He narrowed his eyes at me,

I rolled my eyes, "I replaced her with a look-a-like who doesn't give a shit".

Everyone looked at me weirdly,

"You guys are idiots" I chuckled, shaking my head slightly; the rest of the room broke out into smiles.

"Just... Be careful".


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