Part 3 (of 3)

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                                                                                                       Things get spicy in this part!!!

                Hanji kept up her end of the deal, to say the least.

                She did end up constructing an outfit for Levi that isn't too bad. Levi honestly couldn't care much less about what he wears, though, because he'd too preoccupied with thoughts of how Eren's going to look, and as to whether Eren would bother dress up or whether he'd arrive in his usual suspenders and eye makeup.

                As for how Eren did decide to dress up, when Eren walked up and greeted Levi by the entrance to the school, Levi was nothing short of blown away. Eren had on a dress, a fucking dress, a dress that was the sort of green to match his irises. It looked like silk, and when Levi had wrapped his arm around Eren's waist and led him inside, he found out that it was silk. It felt soft against Levi's fingers, and Levi found a sort of joy in how the dress curved to Eren's figure, showing off his hips and waist and stomach in a way that still makes Levi's eyes roll back into his head.

                Right now, Levi has Eren in an empty hallway, their bodies sitting down on a staircase. Eren's closest to the wall, his knees pulled close to his chest, the dress riding up on his legs so that a good portion of his thighs are exposed to Levi. Levi, of course, takes that as his opportunity by placing his fingers gently on Eren, just above his knee. Eren leans into the touch, and in fact, he has his head placed into the crook of Levi's neck, hair tickling Levi's ear. There's the faint sound of music coming from the school's auditorium, just loud enough to reassure Levi and Eren that the dance is still going on, but just quiet enough to let them know that they're in a fairly intimate place. Another person could come back here and see them, but the chances of that seem slim at the moment.

                Eren's breathing is steady on Levi's collar. Levi traces small patterns onto Eren's leg, his fingers caressing his skin lightly.

                They've only been at the dance for about thirty minutes, ten of which have been spent just like this. Levi tried dancing with Eren, but Levi proved to have absolutely no talent in dancing. He'd managed to step on Eren a few times too many, given that Eren's wearing open-toed shoes and each stomp of Levi's foot on his earned Levi a surprised yelp from Eren, and when Eren offered to try leading, Levi shot the request down. Looking back on it, he feels a little childish for having so adamantly refused to let Eren take the lead, but who the hell cares. Eren got tired of being stepped on, which is what ultimately led to them being here, away from the crowd, and sitting next to Eren is a million times better than accidentally hurting him.

                "Mm, Levi?" Eren murmurs. His voice sounds so soft, Levi could picture himself falling asleep to it. Which is saying a lot, because Levi doesn't ever really get much sleep at all.


                "I missed you."

                "Missed me?"

                "Yeah. Last night."

                "Last night was Thursday, Eren. We were only separated for like, half a day."

                "Yeah. I still missed you."

                "You're cute, brat."

                Eren giggles, rubbing his nose into Levi's neck. It's hard to breathe when Eren's so close, but Levi wouldn't trade this moment for anything. He loves having Eren's lips lie against his shoulder, and even though it makes Levi's heart pump faster than it does after a game of football, he loves having Eren around.

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