I watched Jose as she left. I felt a little disheartened to be separated from her when I knew she was still upset, but I knew she would love the friendship necklaces. It would mean a lot to her and Monica in the years to come. Krista had shown me her vision.

"Well, everyone," Krista said as she stood in the center of the room, "We have just under two hours before Morgan comes over to the house for her birthday breakfast. is on food. Rose is helping me in here. I would like it if you boys decorate the gardens and driveway. Carlisle and Emmett, if you do the back garden. Jasper and Edward, if you will do the driveway, please." She ushered for us all to get up. "Your boxes of decorations and whatever else you'll need are outside waiting for you."

We all got up and filed out the room. No one argued with Alice, we had learned over the years that Alice always got her own way. It was easier this way. I walked with Jasper out to the driveway to find several boxes full of lights. There was also a collection of plants sitting by the boxes. I presumed she wanted us to place them as well. Jasper and I spent the last hour hanging lights on the trees along the driveway. Alice always did this when we had company coming to the house for an occasion. She said it made us easier to find.

We had just finished when Alice came storming out of the house. I was waiting on her to tell us something was out of place when her thoughts caught my attention. She was purposely trying not to think about something. Jasper's thoughts let me know he was worried about her, she was scared.

"Alice, what happened?" I asked, though to be honest I expected it to be something insignificant.

"Edward, I'm sorry. It's my fault. It was my idea that she left!"

"Alice?" Jasper asked, his voice laced with concern.

"It's Bella..." I immediately froze. "One second everything was fine. She was buying the necklaces and heading home... now... I can't see her... she's gone, Edward." Alice was beginning to tremble.

I pulled my phone out and hit the speed dial for her phone number, it rung out. I tried again and then ten times more. There was no answer. My body was stiff with fear. Something wasn't right. Something had happened.

Chapter Two - Devastation


I left for Port Angeles straight away, fearing the worst for Bella. I struggled to keep my mind under control as images of her broken body lying on the ground flashed before me. I didn't want to admit it, but it was the only reason that I could think of that would explain why Alice could no longer see Bella in her visions.

I turned to look behind me as I felt a hand on my shoulder; Jasper offered me a sympathetic smile from the back seat. I felt him attempt to calm me, but it was of no use, my feelings of guilt and worry far outweighed his waves of calm.

I glanced over at Emmett, wishing he would get us there faster. Alice had insisted I took them both with me, saying I didn't know what I would find. At first I thought that she had seen something she wasn't willing to share with me, but a scan of her mind let me know that she was just as worried as I was.

Emmett hadn't been willing to let me drive, though he knew perfectly well that there was no chance of me making us crash. My mind was too occupied that I didn't bother to argue with him. The only thing I could focus on was Bella, and trying to come up with possible solutions for what had happened to her. So far I couldn't find any I liked.

My phone rang and I flipped it open after the first ring; desperate for some news. "Alice?"

"Edward! I can see her! She's okay..." Alice cried out.

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